Most Important Features of an Online Casino

With the meteoric rise of online casinos continuing to turn heads, and more people wanting to see what all the fuss is about, this industry has never been more in the spotlight.


Unfortunately, if you are unfamiliar with what separates the average casino sites from the truly great ones, you could end up committed to a sub-par service unintentionally.

To prevent this from happening, here is a run-through of the must-have features that online casinos can offer to make them worthy of a recommendation.

Attractive sign-up bonuses

Bonuses are an almost universal feature of the burgeoning online casino market since operators want to make sure that customers choose them over their competitors and incentivize sign-ups.

Of course, there are disparities not only between how much of a bonus you can expect to receive but also how you can make use of the free cash provided by casino sites.

In some cases, you will need to hit a minimum requirement for wagering if you accept a bonus before you can withdraw. In others, you might only be able to use your bonus for certain types of gambling, such as playing slots or sports betting.

Then there are the issues associated with bonus abuse. It is easy to see why online casinos don’t like bonus hunting, but some operators are overzealous and can end up penalizing legitimate players.

The solution is to research bonuses carefully and compare their generosity and the Ts and Cs, which control them to avoid upset.

Solid security

The threat of cybercrime is concerning for every web user today, and so you cannot afford to use services that do not take security seriously.

Reputable, mainstream gambling services will provide reassuring levels of protection to customers, including data encryption and secure payment options. Steer clear of any sites which do not have these features, as well as those that are based overseas and thus not adherent to the same rules and regulations as domestic operators.

This applies in the case of online casinos, as you will be trusting them with personal information relating to your finances which could be valuable if it fell into the wrong hands.

Mobile compatibility

Playing casino games on the go is great fun, and so, of course, any site worth it’s salt will support mobile users as well as customers on desktop and laptop devices.

You might have your preferences about exactly how you play portably; perhaps you would rather use a native application that you download to your handset, or perhaps you would be happy using your phone’s browser to do the heavy lifting. Whatever the case, you need to check that your mobile is supported by a casino site before signing up.

There are also differences in the quality of the experience from a mobile player’s perspective. The interface may be better designed on some sites than others, while app performance can vary from case to case.

Check user reviews of casino apps to see what others think of the contenders you consider for your online gambling adventure.

A good selection of games

Some people are serious slot machine aficionados. Others are lured by the promise of sports betting. Then there are the likes of poker, blackjack, roulette, and a whole host of classic casino games to consider.

A quality casino site should be home to all of these games and many more besides. Variety is not just important for keeping things interesting for players but also for catering to as wide an audience as possible.

That is not to say that sites that specialize in a particular game type should be overlooked. For example, some casinos lean more towards sports betting, while others put table games at the top of the agenda. However, casinos that feature a broad selection of games can hold your attention for longer.

Perks for loyal players

Lastly, look for sites that not only reward newcomers with bonuses but also sustain their existing player base with benefits for their continued custom.

Loyalty can be rewarded in all sorts of ways. For example, you could want to play on a site that gives long-time customers access to exclusive tournaments and events. You might want to earn cash back on your wagers or even receive tangible gifts.

Whatever the case, the main takeaway here is that online casinos need a lot of curated features to stand out, and as a player, you can afford to take your time before you decide which one is right for you.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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