NCsoft hopes that Aion Classic will lure people back to Aion Prime

In 2014, NCsoft launched Aion, a new game that took users all over the world to explore, battle, and survive with a fantasy-based MMORPG that was met with mixed reviews. In order to fully realize the potential of Aion, NCsoft is working to bring the game back to its origins with Aion Classic, a more accessible version of the game.

The game industry is known for releasing throwbacks every now and again, but NCsoft is pushing the game back even further. Aion Classic was originally released in 2008 for the original computer Aion, and it’s still available today for the computer and the original consoles (PSP/PS3). The game was released on August 8th, 2013 for the updated version of Aion, Aion Prime. NCsoft is marketing the game as a way to attract players back to Aion Prime, a game that has been in beta for over 3 years and has got nothing new except the addition of the original game to the game library of the popular MMORPGs.

One of the biggest complaints leveled at Aion Prime was its lack of content. NCsoft is hoping to fix that by launching Aion Classic, which will be a free-to-play version of the original game that will allow for cross-server combat and the ability to carry over your character from the original to the new game. The original game was built around a linear PvE experience, while Aion Classic reportedly will support PvP combat. Players will also be able to play cross-server, which is a feature that has been missing from the game since launch. Aion Classic is due to launch in a few weeks, and will be available for play at the usual times of midnight and the following day.. Read more about aion classic 2021 and let us know what you think.


With a new major MMO game coming out every week this summer, it’s reasonable if you’ve completely forgotten that Aion Classic just released a month ago. At the very least, NCsoft hasn’t forgotten about them, since the company is eager to turn them to regular Aion gamers.

At least, that’s the impression we received from a weird brief message sent to the Aion Classic community, in which the business urged legacy gamers to, y’know, check what’s new and exciting in the version of the game they’re not playing right now.

“Thousands of Daevas have been enjoying their return to Atreia since the release of Aion Classic in the west,” NCsoft started. “Some adventurers want to broaden their horizons by exploring the whole Aion Universe, and for these Daevas, we’ve put up a quick introduction to Aion’s most recent improvements so that you can jump back into action with ease!”

That short reference of “thousands” is the most information on Aion Classic’s numbers that has been published so far, which may indicate that NCsoft’s experiment isn’t working as well as they anticipated. It’s possible that the low population is one of the reasons NCsoft is pushing for the conversion.


Last year, NCsoft reached a major milestone in its history: Aion Prime was launched and proved that the company can create and maintain a successful MMO. Aion Classic is a resurrection of the old Aion, the original game that launched in 2009. It is the same game, but different; it is the same game, but better.. Read more about aion classic eu release date and let us know what you think.

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