New Video Game Releases in Week 30 of July 26, 2021

The Video Game industry has changed a lot in the last decade. With so many new genres and games in development, its getting harder to keep up. All the games and games ideas are scattered around on different websites, blogs and news outlets. But how do you keep up with it all?

This week’s video game releases include a new entry in the “Turok” series, the “Skylanders” series 4, “Street Fighter 30th anniversary Collection”, and “Doom Eternal” among others. See for yourself.

Welcome to this week’s installment of new releases in video games. This week, the biggest release is the sequel to another blockbuster game, which is currently an industry leader. It has already been confirmed that the next installment in the most popular series of video games is getting released soon, and it will be released on the new most popular console of the decade.. Read more about video game release dates 2021 and let us know what you think.

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Neo: The World Ends with You game release

The following is a list of new video game releases for the week ending July 26, 2021. Neo: The World Ends with You, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, The Ascent, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Samurai Warriors 5, Chernobylite, and Unbound: Worlds Apart are the most popular video games published this week.

This week, the 5th and last week of July 2021, there are a few exciting releases.

This week’s new video game releases include:

Tuesday, July 26th:

Monday, July 27th:

  • Neo: You are the end of the world (Switch, PS4)
  • Flight Simulator by Microsoft (Xbox Series X)
  • Samurai Warriors 5 is a game about samurai warriors (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • The Chronicles of the Great Ace Attorney (PC, Switch, PS4)
  • Midgard’s Tribes (PC, PS4, PS5)

Tuesday, July 28th:

  • Chernobyl is a nuclear power plant that was decommissioned in 1986 (PC)
  • Unbound: Two Worlds (PC)

Wednesday, July 29th:

  • Blaster Master Zero 3 is a third-person shooter (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Souls of the Elders (PC)
  • Naraka must be eluded (PC)
  • Fuga: Steel Melodies (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Omno omno omno (PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Redecorate the City (PC, Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Reptiles on the Prowl (PC)
  • Infinity Skydrift (PC)
  • Base of Operations (PC)
  • Ascension (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X)
  • Out for Blood in Vampire: The Masquerade (PC, Mac, SteamOS)

30th of July:

  • The Arctic Adventure of Alfonzo (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Slash Apple (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Cuccchi are a kind of pasta (Switch, Xbox One)
  • Simulate your flight with this simple flight simulator (Switch)
  • No Longer a Residence (PC, Mac)

July 2021 Games for Free:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (PS4), WWE 2K Battlegrounds (PS4), A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5), and Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown are the PlayStation Plus games for July 2021. (PS4).
  • July 2021 PlayStation Play At Home: Call of Duty: Warzone 5 double XP tokens are only one of the DLC packs available.
  • In July 2021, the Epic Games Store will provide free games: Obduction: From the developers of Myst, Offworld Trading Company, Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Ironcast
  • July 2021 Nintendo Switch Online Games: No new vintage (S)NES games are expected until mid-July or August.
  • Xbox Games with Gold July 2021: Conker: Live & Reloaded (Xbox), Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break (Xbox One) or Shadows: Awakening (Xbox One), Planet Alpha (Xbox One), Midway Arcade Origins: 30+ Games (Xbox 360).
  • Xbox Game Pass Games in June-July 2021: Worms Rumble (Cloud, Console, PC; June 23), Iron Harvest (PC; June 24), Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered (Console, PC; June 24), Prodeus (PC; June 24), Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Cloud; July 1), Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling (Cloud, Console, PC; July 1), Gang Beasts (Cloud, Console, PC; July 1), Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (Cloud, Console, PC; July 1), Limbo (Cloud, Console, PC; July 1).

What video games are you planning to play this week? Do any of these appeal to you?

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