New World beta player snags the name AmazonOfficial, uses game’s chat to troll Amazon

Amazon recently added a new exclusive game to its Earth and Stars free-to-play games platform, and is now offering a free version of the title called AmazonOfficial. To celebrate the launch of the game, Amazon is offering free in-game credits to all players who participate in the game (it’s not a reward for playing, but rather an incentive to use it).

Earlier this year, Amazon launched its in-house game engine for New Worlds and began encouraging developers to publish their own games on the service. One developer in particular took advantage of this opportunity and decided to troll Amazon

A group of New World beta players has seized control of the game’s official chat and are using it to harass Amazon and other companies over botting. The group is calling itself AmazonOfficial, and they’re also masquerading as Amazon employees.. Read more about amazon new world release date and let us know what you think.


As exciting as the game New World may be, we must remember that Amazon, the business that is financing Amazon Games’ development, has been involved in some terrible labor abuses for its warehouse employees (and let’s not forget that AGS has been involved in some egregious labor practices as well). This leads us to the tale of Lulu Chiba, a player who has taken it upon herself to warn others of Amazon’s nefarious side via New World’s own global chat.

Chiba discovered that the character name AmazonOfficial, as well as a username that was publicly accessible, were not detected by any text filters when he signed up for the game’s beta. Chiba jumped at the chance, obtaining the identity on every test server and utilizing it to reveal a few facts in the game’s global chat, including a warning that Amazon employees were forced to urinate in bottles during shifts and that Alexa devices are always listening to their users.

Chiba seemed totally unconcerned when asked whether she was concerned that her actions might result in a suspension. She adds, “I’m not concerned about being kicked out of a game.” “I don’t intend to play beyond the beta. So far, many have picked up on the joke and have asked how to make more potions, which is simple: simply pee in bottles as hundreds of Amazon employees have to do.”

I was admitted to the new global beta, and in every server photo, I was able to capture the AmazonOfficial name.

July 28, 2021 — Lulu (@luulubuu)


Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world with a massive gaming community.  The company was previously known for sending a handful of players to the game’s beta test, but recently, a new player has joined the ranks.  In a game known for its advanced chat features, this player took advantage of them to troll one of the world’s largest corporations.. Read more about new world classes and let us know what you think.

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