New World Patch Notes – July 23 Closed Beta Update Fixes

The closed beta of Mobius, the upcoming MMORPG, is scheduled to begin on July 23rd at 7:30 PM EDT, and will conclude at around 12 AM EDT, and 14 AM EDT. Aside from the the pre-registration timeframe, no other information is available to players as of yet, so you can expect a lot of questions. However, there are a few details that should be made known to players of the game:

On July 23, the closed beta of “New World” will end. This will let us have a short break before we start working again. On August 3, we’ll open a new closed beta test, which will last for four weeks.

After a long wait, the new world patch notes are finally out! With the update, we re-introduced the Wolfsbane and The Warden’s Song, as well as fixed a few bugs, including the above-mentioned issue on the Berserker. Check the patch notes below to see what else was fixed.

New World Patch Notes - July 23 Closed Beta Update Fixes Fishing Crashes

The patch notes for Fresh World’s July 23 closed beta update show a new set of improvements, one of which attempts to prevent the game from unexpectedly crashing when players try to fish. Although a little more complex, the MMORPG’s version of the activity is very soothing, and it’s nice to hear that taking a break from adventure no longer puts you back in the server wait.

More stability enhancements, which should result in fewer crashes, are also included in New World’s July 23 closed beta update, as is the elimination of flickering fog throughout the Edengrove and Weaver’s Fen regions.

New World Patch Notes - July 23 Closed Beta Update Fixes Fishing Crashes

New World Patch Notes - July 23 Closed Beta Update Fixes Fishing Crashes

As stated in the official patch notes, all of the modifications and fixes that go live today when New World’s July 23 closed beta update reaches live servers will be included here.

  • Stability enhancements will continue to be made in order to prevent server crashes.
  • The level of the audio for text to speech is now controlled by the Master Volume.
  • If there are more than one worlds that fulfill the criteria for becoming a suggested world, the user will be given a world at random from the list.
  • When the setting for text to voice is switched off, the messages are no longer read.
  • The flickering fog that once blanketed Edengrove and Weaver’s Fen will be gone.
  • The Crescent Window’s northern Point of Interest borders now update as the player crosses them, enabling players to explore Inkwell Cave from all sides.
  • Crashing will no longer be caused by fishing.
  • The amount of time it takes to acquire new Tradeskill Community Missions has been risen.

The closed beta for New World is open till August 2nd. Our tips on iron ore and fiber will make obtaining early crafting supplies simpler if you intend on diving in over the weekend.

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Today marks the release of the next major update in the Closed Beta testing for New World, the upcoming MMORPG that is under development at the now-defunct Free League Network.. Read more about new world forums and let us know what you think.

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