New World talks about the lore and gameplay influences of magic in new interview

Magic is one of the most important aspects of game design. Without it, the world would be lacking of more than one of the most iconic fantasy staples. It adds color and complexity to the world and makes it more realistic. Magic is not only used during combat, but also when performing mundane tasks and even when just interacting with the world. While the game is filled with a lot of interesting non-combat magic, it is also important to understand that magic is not omnipresent. Even the most powerful and seemingly omnipresent magic can be limited or even nullified by certain conditions. With that in mind, New World Interactive wanted to host a series of interviews with the people who designed and developed the game, in order to better understand the world and its

New World is the next game from the creators of the legendary and critically acclaimed action RPG, The Witcher. The game is set in a gorgeous fantasy world, where you will assume the role of a young novice who travels the land, exploring mysterious ruins, solving ancient puzzles and emerging victorious in conflicts with mythical monsters.

Magic has always been something of an enigma to a lot of people. From a young age, we’re all taught to avoid it for fear of the unknown. The idea of a world where anyone can do anything they want, but also save all of humanity from a dark future, sounds like something straight out of a Harry Potter novel. Yet, despite the fact that the concept of magic is portrayed as such a shadowy, dark thing in the world of gaming, so few games actually use it.. Read more about new world lore and let us know what you think.

If you are exploring an island where undead or evil forces are at work, you are definitely in a world of magic, so of course there is magic in New World . This power and how it affects the game’s story, creatures and gameplay is the subject of a new interview on

Much of the interview is about history, discusses the influence of the mystical substance known as nitrogen, suggests that the island of Eternum itself is not just a static place, and hints that there are other cosmic forces behind the magic of the world. The developers also talked about the three types of magical weapons (the healing staff, the fire staff, and the ice glove) and how they are used in combat, how they are upgraded using the skill system, and how players can spend points to upgrade the magical weapon of their choice when they reach certain weapon XP thresholds.

As for combat, when asked if magic in an expedition was less preferable to conventional melee and distance weapons, Amazon said it was important to have someone with a healing stick in a balanced group setting, although our first impressions of healing in New World leave much to be desired.

The interview also confirmed that nitrogen can be used in craft recipes to increase the strength of manufactured items. The more nitrogen used in the recipe, the more likely it is that powerful perks, gem slots, or attribute bonuses will be applied. Nitrogen also creates a fast moving system in the game: You have to pay the nitrogen cost to move around on the map. These costs depend on the distance the player travels and what he brings.

ViewIn the world of modern Magic, there are now three kinds of decks: those that search for the most powerful cards, those that search for the best mana base, and those that search for the funkiest decks to play.. Read more about new world server locations and let us know what you think.

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