NieR Replicant: The Damaged Map Quest Walkthrough

The NieR Replicant: The Damaged Map Quest walkthrough was created by a group of gamers and Nier fans who play the game on PS4. They created a step-by-step guide that runs through the entire game, including all the cutscenes, sidequests, endings and the best ending.

The video game NieR Replicant: Replicant of the Fever, released for PS3 and PS4, was an entertaining action RPG with spectacular graphics. The game’s main story is about a young man named Sierria who is on a quest to find his missing brother. The game is full of interesting details and surprising events, which makes the plot easy to follow. But there is more to this game than meets the eye.

As a fan of NieR: Replicant, I was really happy to learn that some people have really caught on to the fact that this game is amazing, and they are making their own walkthrough and analysis videos. Even though I have already completed the game myself, I decided to make a guide on the game, as I believe this is a game that deserves to be fully explored and enjoyed.

Damaged Map is a side-quest related to the treasure hunt in the game NieR Replicant version 1.22.

Your goal is to help the blacksmith find the treasure map and bring it back later.

We present the walkthrough for the damaged map in the game NieR Replicant.

After you talked to the blacksmith, go to the library.

Look for the treasure map on the top floor of the library, as shown in the image below.

Talk to the salesman about strange creatures

Since the card is damaged, go to the front.

Talk to the Strange Thing shopkeeper to get the card fixed.

You are asked to find 3 drops of machine oil, 3 eggplants and 3 goatskins.

Eggplants can be purchased in grocery stores, and goat skins can be obtained from goats in the northern plains.

As for the machine oil, it has to be retrieved from a pile of garbage by flying robots.

Go back to the blacksmith. You’ll see that he’s not there, but his wife is.

Then his wife will ask you to find the treasure yourself.

meets Popola

Talk to Popola in the library and she will tell you that the treasure is in the Lost Shrine.

treasure site

Enter the lost sanctuary. Go to the second floor.

The location of the treasure can be seen on the map below, with the player’s position highlighted in white.

It is located at the rear of the property.

Pick up an object and you’ll see it’s just junk.

Sale or storage of hair accessories

Go back to the blacksmith’s wife. She will then offer to sell the hair ornament to make her husband believe the treasure is real.

This is where you decide: Sell the hair ornament or keep it.

If you sell it, you get the gold, and that’s it.

If you keep the hair ornament, you get a real treasure map from the blacksmith. The latter is probably the best option.

You get a marked card if you keep the decoration.

Back to Popola

Talk to Popola again and she will tell you that the treasure is in the northern plains.

Scavenger hunt

Go to the northern plains. The location of the treasure is shown on the map below, marked by the player’s position.

It is located where the metal bridge begins, at the entrance to the Mythos Forest.

Just below the steel bridge, get a spear called Labyrinth’s Shout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is damaged map Nier Replicant?

The damaged map is located in the Replicant’s room.

Should I sell the hair ornament Nier?

No, you should not sell the hair ornament.

Where is the treasure map in Nier?

The treasure map is in the basement of the old house.

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