Online Only: Investing Tips for the 2020s

Are you an online investor who needs a few suggestions for breaking out of a rut? Don’t feel alone. People of all ages and from all walks of life often get stuck, mentally and emotionally. One way out is to review fresh advice from an outside source and try something new. The solution is as simple as upgrading their computer system by adding security and speed for some. Others decide to explore day trading as a way of earning extra income.

For anyone just starting out as an online trader, finding a more competent broker can be a serious game-changer. Fortunately, there are all sorts of strategies and tactics that can improve your online earning power. Here are several of the top choices for this year.

Upgrade Your Computer

Today’s trading enthusiasts know that having a fast, capable computer is the first requirement of operating a successful business. In addition to making sure your machine’s speed is adequate, consider keeping a backup device for emergencies. A reliable laptop, tablet, or full-function smartphone will do.

Then, don’t forget to upgrade your favorite mobile device if you trade on the go. Install one or more firewalls and malware prevention software or apps on any device you use for transacting business. If you want to maximize security, consider using a dedicated desktop computer for trading only. Do personal and other business on a second machine.

Reconsider Day Trading

Day trading is an intensive online job. Deals are fast, and markets move at the speed of light, so you need to have a platform, broker, and computer system that won’t conk out when the action revs up. It’s essential to keep your eyes on a list of watch stocks. Plus, make sure your watch list and alerts are focused on the prime penny stocks in play for each day. Experienced investors know that it helps to have a list of stocks you can watch as each session unfolds. Day traders need to pay attention to details like cyber security, maintaining watch lists, and real-time alerts.

Only Work with the Top Brokers

No matter how speedy and advanced your computer is, you’ll have serious problems if you work with a sub-par broker. Spend time vetting candidates for this crucial job. Check online review sites, call customer service phone numbers, read the fine print about fees and penalties, and ask for a trial period of at least one week to try out the functionality of the platforms available on the brokerage sites you’re evaluating.

Don’t Connect Bank Accounts

Try to put some distance between your bank and brokerage accounts. Consider using a credit card to fund broker accounts, and then pay the card down immediately via your bank. Unless you are required to do so by the rules, there’s no valid reason to directly connect your banking information to an online trading website. If you feel that you are being pushed too hard to do this, it might be a sign you need to switch banks in general.

Use Strong Passwords and Close Browsers Regularly

Always close browsers after trading sessions are complete. If you still need to use your computer, restart the machine. To add an extra layer of security, only use strong passwords and don’t store them anywhere on your computer. Write them down on paper in a secure location. Then, change all your trading-related passwords at least once per month.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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