Path of Exile addresses Expedition’s launch, adjustments, and low player numbers

While Path of Exile is quite popular, the developer recently announced that it will not be released on Steam, which has left players with two options: either go to the website and play the game, or run around the Web and search for a different route.

As per Extra-Life, we wanted to have an actual blog post with our Extra-Life plans. We’ve been playing Path of Exile every day since release, and here’s our thoughts on 3.3 and the new “4 extra-life” system.

Path of Exile is a free to play online action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Players adventure, explore and fight their way through Wraeclast, a world of eternal strife and strife itself. The following are some changes that were made to the game in preparation for the addition of its first paid expansion.


Normally, a new release brings a surge of returning or new players to an MMO, but it seems that the reverse is true in the case of Path of Exile, as one Redditor compiled a chart showing weekend release peaks for each League’s debut. When compared to the launching of the Ultimatum League, there were 21–24% fewer participants in Expedition.

Grinding Gear Games’ Chris Wilson noticed the decrease in interest in the update launch in a separate Reddit post, stating that the company was prepared for the dip in players. “In addition to the usual variation between versions, we fully realize that Path of Exile 3.15 has a lot of changes, which is certainly unsettling to some players,” Wilson adds.

The article goes on to provide a list of previously issued fixes as well as respond to a number of player concerns. Wilson adds that the developers intend to increase the rate at which players discover vendor reroll currency goods, decrease certain mana cost modifiers, and weaken Goatmen in that part of the article. The article also describes how Remnants function and claims that the new League’s 20 distinct currencies aren’t a problem since they can all be stored in an Expedition Locker.

thanks to Pepperzine for the tip! source: Reddit (1, 2)


Path of Exile is a notoriously popular online multiplayer game, and after a successful launch in July 2018, there are still a sizeable number of players who are unable to compete effectively. The reason for this is that the game is designed to permit only a limited number of players to enter the mid-game area, leaving behind the vast majority of players who have completed the original story-driven campaign and are now stuck in a seemingly endless grind. In this post, we analyze the requirements and rewards to enter the mid-game area, and suggest adjustments that will make it easier for large numbers of players to enter and advance.. Read more about poe trade and let us know what you think.

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