Path of Exile tweaks balance and Expedition drop rates ahead of Royale weekend

At the end of last year, Path of Exile received a significant update that changed the way the game works. This is an important game, and the developers and players have been working hard to make sure that the current version is working as intended. The main areas of focus have been the balance of the game, and how the drop rates work for new and existing items.

The Path of Exile team released several balance patches over the weekend, and the final one brings a new wave of changes to the game.

This week we’ve got another batch of balance updates to go over. We’ve been watching the forum closely and have noticed some fairly heated discussion about the recent balance changes, and we wanted to address some of the most common concerns as well as provide some insight into the reason behind the changes.. Read more about poe game and let us know what you think.


For a few weeks now, Path of Exile’s most ardent supporters have been raging, dissatisfied with the game’s concept, launch, and current condition. For example, Reddit is still irritated by anything from apparent population declines to drop rates. Grinding Gear hasn’t been sitting around twiddling its thumbs, since the console version of the expansion was released on Wednesday, and the newest update is now available.

“We released Patch 3.15.0e yesterday, which included numerous improvements and bug fixes for Path of Exile as well as some Royale balancing adjustments ahead of our upcoming Royale weekend,” the company adds. “The improvements this week are mostly aimed at expanding the number of feasible construction choices, decreasing the likelihood of feeling trapped at level 1, and addressing a few remaining issues.” The aforementioned drop rates have also changed.

“We’re adjusting the reroll money drop rates for the different Expedition NPCs. The idea is that they’ll drop in stacks (rather than as single drops) from Runic Monsters, increasing in number as the monster level increases, making them more frequent. This modification will only impact Runic Monsters; drops from Excavated Chests will not be affected. In the same manner, artifacts will scale up, giving more in the endgame. While the larger stack sizes will result in more reroll money for Dannig, Rog, and Tujen, the drop rate has stayed constant, with the exception of Astragali (Gwennen’s reroll currency), which has had its drop rate significantly reduced in maps. It had already become much more popular than the others.”


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