Pathfinder Online, Kickstarted for $1M in 2012, will sunset in November

In the online gaming world, it is not uncommon for a game to take a long time to finish development, and then have it fall short in funding within a short period of time. Due to the nature of the industry, it is difficult for a team to complete a project of this magnitude without some serious funding assistance. Nonetheless, the game, Pathfinder Online, was successfully Kickstarted in 2012 for a final push. The developers ended up raising $1,000,000 in total, a moderate success for the industry, although they fell just short of the $2,000,000 minimum to be fully funded.

In 2012, the Pathfinder Online development team launched what would have been a truly massive open world MMORPG. The game was a complicated beast: it was being developed for PCs, and the game would be playable on mobile devices, in virtual reality, and on consoles, too. But in August 2013, the team announced that they would be shutting down development and selling off the rights to the game.

Pathfinder Online, Kickstarted for $1M in 2012, will sunset in November. Read more about goblinworks and let us know what you think.

Uh, no.

Paizo has announced the closure of Pathfinder Online, which I regret to report. MOP readers are aware that the MMO was Kickstarted in 2012 for over a million dollars, but development and staffing issues led to huge layoffs at Goblinworks in 2015, followed by many years of Paizo trying to save the game and find new backers. Since then, the studio has pushed the game into “open enrollment” last year and was still auctioning land in early 2021, but it seems it wasn’t enough to keep the lights on, based on the sunset statement.

“Pharasma’s Chosen started populating the Echo Wood a little over six and a half years ago, when Pathfinder Online went into Early Enrollment. Since then, the incredible support from all of our great supporters and players has enabled our small team to remain online and keep developing the game year after year, just as the Gray Lady’s intervention has helped the heroes of the Echo Wood to escape death again and over again. It’s been an honor to see this world and narrative come to life thanks to the devoted players who have ventured into it, but the epic conclusion of Pathfinder Online is approaching. Nhur Athemon’s Chosen will come in October to conclude the battle between death and undeath, with both the narrative of Pharasma’s Chosen and the online environment they explore set to end on November 28 at Daily Maintenance. The servers will not be available after that[.]”

At the very least, I hope so. The studio acknowledges, “It’s conceivable that we won’t be able to maintain the servers operating right up until November 28.” “We won’t be able to move to the cloud before then since the servers are becoming old.” Paizo has said that it would give refunds for “recently bought” goods and that it will create a narrative based on the game’s history as it stands at sunset, so there may be some value in finishing the game.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the surviving players and developers.

Pharasma’s Chosen started populating the Echo Wood a little over six and a half years ago. They must now prepare for a last fight against Nhur Athemon’s Chosen, with both our narrative and online game coming to a close on November 28. For more information, visit

July 27, 2021 — Pathfinder Online (@PFO Paizo)


When Pathfinder Online, a massive MMO that had raised $1 million in 2012, went into a lengthy Open Beta test (in 2015) the game received mixed reviews. Most people seemed to like the game itself, but the fact that it was only a hybrid of many other games made it difficult to recommend for new players.. Read more about pathfinder online wiki and let us know what you think.

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