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Although The Creative Assembly’s Warhammer 2 is a game that has been highly anticipated, it isn’t the kind of game that most gamers can play at home (especially those that want to play multiplayer). That’s because the game itself is a multiplayer game: like all multiplayer games, you need a specific copy of the game in order to play it. As anyone who has played a multiplayer shooter game on PlayStation Network knows, however, some people have ways to get around that.

This week, gamers can finally get their hands on Total War: Warhammer 2. The game arrived on Steam on September 29th. However, the game’s Steam page is currently in a bit of an uproar due to a key bug players are reporting on, which affects the game’s campaign. Apparently, players cannot access the final episode of the game—unless they have completed the previous three episodes.

“We’ve run into some issues with Steam so we’re just waiting on them and then it should be live. Unfortunately nothing we can do on our end,” reads a tweet from the official Total War account.

A follow-up tweet pointed out that the developer is also “aware people are currently experiencing issues with the Great Bray Shaman,” obtainable at no cost via Total War Access, and that it is “investigating.” At the same time, the issues surrounding The Silence & The Fury itself should now be fixed.

If you’re still having trouble getting Warhammer 2’s newest content, it’s likely best to wait a bit, as the fix might take a while to propagate to all users. In the meantime, you could give our review a read to see why we think this DLC is a great final offering before Creative Assembly moves on to Warhammer 3.

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