PSA: LOTRO’s Ithil progression server players have until June 15 to log in to their characters before shutdown

On May 31, 2018, Turbine announced that, due to problems with the LOTRO game client, they would be shutting down the Elendilmir server on June 15. The shutdown is for all characters, not just the ones who are new to the game, but if you have been playing on that server for a while, here’s your chance to get your characters transferred. You’ve got until June 15 to get all your characters from Elendilmir to any other servers (except Mordor) and then log in and play them.

A LOTRO “progression server” is the term used to describe the servers where players can upgrade their characters by gaining experience and prestige, and run their own businesses, towns, and quests. These servers have been present since the launch of Lord of the Rings Online nearly 10 years ago, and have become a staple of the MMO genre. However, last week LOTRO’s Ithil server was shut down, leaving a huge number of players with character progressions and businesses to migrate to another server.

word-image-8580 Consider this a friendly reminder caused by SSG’s own friendly reminder of the impending closure of the Ithil Prog server in Lord of the Rings Online. The server will be unavailable to log in next Tuesday, June 15, and will be permanently closed next Wednesday. Players on the server have until June 15 to log in, but can transfer their Ithil character to another server – including the Anor server – for free until the end of the year by clicking the handy transfer button. As for legendary servers, it has been confirmed that two new legendary worlds will soon be opened in LOTRO , so fans of progressive servers will have more options in the future. For now, however, Ithil players only have a few days to change their characters.

Get ready for character transfer and learn more:
Source: Twitter. This article was corrected after publication to clarify that you can still transfer your characters remotely until the end of the year; the ability to log in ends this week. View

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