PSO2 New Genesis | Best Weapon Series Guide

PSO2 New Genesis | Best Weapon Series Guide

Ever wonder what weapons you should equip? Why do some weapons have higher stats than others? What the heck are the stats for? We have the answers! We have tested all the weapons that can be bought in game, and there are a total of 6 series. In this guide, we will present you with the best weapons for your class; namely; Blademaster, Gunner, and Dual Blade.

I’m here with a new post analyzing the best weapon sets in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis. In a short time, this game has become very popular among fans. It promises to be quite a post-launch experience, and it’s one that many players are talking about. Without further ado, let’s review the contents of this manual.

Better analysis of weapon sets in PSO2 New Genesis


word-image-9639 word-image-9640 Look at the picture above. This table includes the Cattoria, Vialto and Forsis series. The Cattoria series includes a sword, a punching bag, two machine guns and a stick that fell from a level 2 Magnus mountain. The Vialto series includes the Guerrilla, Double Saber, Launcher and Talis, which are dropped from the Vanford Research Station, Range 2. Finally, the Forsis series includes wire spear, double daggers, a rifle, and a staff dropped from the forest of Resol. There is no grade 2 for the Resol forest, as it is already level 15 by default. For the uninitiated, the Rank 2 area opens after completing the game’s main story quests. The level of enemies is higher there. For example, at rank 2 in Mount Magnus, the level of enemies is 15, compared to 5 in the main quest. There is another series that includes all 12 weapons, called the Resurge series. word-image-9641 word-image-9642 It is declining in all three areas, but at a slower rate. I will now briefly explain each of these weapon sets.

Cattoria series

Let’s talk about the Cattoria series first. Essentially, you get an attack bonus based on your current HP, which reaches 5% extra damage when you have max HP. It’s good that it includes all weapons, because those are the ones that have the most defensive capabilities and absorb a lot of damage. Of all the options, I think the main or auxiliary hunter works best, because if you use hunters, you have the hunter’s lightning protection which reduces the damage taken, as well as other things. Gunner Hunter is also a very powerful combo with Attacker Hunter. This makes you an excellent tank with strong protection and health, which means you can absorb a lot more damage and do more damage.

Vialto Series

The second series of weapons is the Vialto series. In my opinion, he’s the weakest of the bunch because all he gives you right now in terms of utility is 10% nature and recovering PP offense. There’s really nothing to say. The rifle series I recommend for these 4 rifles is the Resurge series. This weapon series is available for all types of weapons, giving you more options to work with. In the Resurge series, if you successfully dodge an enemy attack, you get, for example. B. with Dodge, a 15% critical for 30 seconds. The crit rate is important in PSO 2 New Genesis because it not only indicates the maximum damage your weapon can deliver, but it also allows you to inflict 20% more damage on enemies. This weapon series is without a doubt one of the best weapon series in PSO 2 New Genesis. The other set of weapons that claims to be the best, albeit for very different reasons, is the one I’m about to talk about.

Forsis series

This weapon set gives you a damage reduction shield that protects you from 40% of the damage you take at full health. However, this only works for one shot. If you take even a little damage and your health drops, you will not be able to use this shield. Then why is he so powerful? In PSO 2 New Genesis, the bosses have very powerful one-shot punches. And you have easy access to healthcare purchasing. This shield protects you from these attacks, and you can easily run your own attacks through these bosses. Trust me, this shield has saved me countless times in boss fights. I hope this guide will help you in your choice of weapons in Phantasy Star Online 2 : New Genesis. I hope I’ve been able to explain this gun better. All I can tell you is this: Good luck, and may you get the best weapons and enjoy the game! Stay healthy and have fun. I’ll see you very soon.

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