Reasons Why You Should Buy the Apple New iPhone 13

Mobile phones have been a growing force in the world of technology. However, now, it is not just your phone but everything you need from it.

There are things to help you go green and improve energy saver as well as helping with any health conditions or preventing problems. Here are seven reasons why you should buy the Apple New iPhone 13:

You can charge wirelessly

You can wirelessly charge the new iPhone13, saving money on needing to purchase chargers for your home, car, and work desk. It’s also better for the environment because you aren’t constantly buying new wires every few months. Instead, the Apple new phone can last three years without needing new cables that often end up getting completely thrown away anyway.

Improved Face ID

The newest version of the phone has an improved face ID which is very popular with many people. It’s easier than ever to use, so you can unlock your phone easily – even when it’s on standby or locked. Because this new feature is so simple, it means that you’re less likely to forget to lock your phone before setting off for work.

HD Screen & Better Siri

You won’t be frustrated trying to read what’s on your screen because the iPhone13 has a better HD screen, meaning that everything looks clearer and crisper. Further, if you like using voice assistants (like Siri), then you’ll find it can understand requests much more quickly and efficiently than previous models, making your life that little bit easier!


The new iPhone13 is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet if you happen to drop it in the sink, toilet, or pool. That could come in very handy if you’re someone who likes spending time outdoors or near the water now. You won’t have to be worried about your phone getting ruined constantly.

Faster Processor

All people know how frustrating it can be when their phone lags or takes forever to do anything. However, with the new iPhone13, this will become a thing of the past. The faster processor means that everything from opening apps to surfing the internet will be done much more quickly – meaning you’ll have more time for the things that matter.

Better Camera & Better Battery Life

The iPhone13 has an improved battery life and a better camera: meaning you’ll be able to take your phone out and enjoy the day without worrying about it running out of charge. It also means that you can snap those memories as they happen, so there’s no need to worry about missing moments because your battery is dead or taking forever to load.

Improved Security

This might not seem like the most interesting reason for buying a new phone, but it is. The new iPhone13 will have improved security which means that information such as passwords and account details will be much more secure than before – which can save you time and money if anything should ever go wrong.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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