Shopify Expert vs Fiverr

Today we will discuss where it is better to hire an expert on Shopify or Fiverr. Basically, Shopify and Fiver are both freelance platforms, and they have some differences, though. So, who will be better? Let’s find out. 

How Shopify rates their workers

These two platforms are quite similar, they both provide you with tons of Shopify development companies. However, their methods and the process of rating and hiring experts are totally different. A Shopify Expert is a single worker or a company that Shopify has personally validated. 

A Shopify Expert must have a broad and clear understanding of Shopify and the area of IT related to it. Such worker also has to be punctual, have a will to educate themselves, as well as contribute to the company and promote it. This is what is written on the company’s official website.

You may browse through lists of professionals in the Shopify Experts table, and here’s what you’ll find by reading through their profile:

  • Their Shopify account
  • Goods or facilities they provide
  • Their prices for projects
  • Testimonials 

Shopify keeps track of them once they’ve been verified as a Shopify Expert. The experts’ verification badges are taken away in case they’re not active for a long period of time.

These profiles are being under the supervision of Shopify all the time. In case of worker inactivity, the Expert title, or better to say, the rank will be deleted by the company. 

How Fiverr rates their workers

There are two types of workers on Fiverr. The first one is just a regular unverified worker, while Fiver Pro is the opposite one.

There is actually no verification at the basic Fiverr level. If you want to buy some service from one of these workers, you’ll have to spend some time searching for the right freelancer or rely on feedback from companies that have worked with them. Freelancers with a Pro mark, on the other hand, have proved that they can accomplish what they pledge to. 

Of course, Fiverr has a test with requirements for their potential workers, and these tests are not the easiest ones. Some of them are high language level, online and social appearance, certificates, and previous work experience. 

Who’s better? 

Since both companies provide their clients with highly-rated specialists, there’s one important thing to mention. You can find a lot of Shopify experts while looking for some service on Fiverr. However, you have to be especially careful about them as there are a lot of scammers! 

You can easily check this by yourself. Of course, there are some confirmed, real Shopify Experts out there. However, there are a lot of fake professionals when they aren’t even rated (they’ve never done a single project on the site). The best advice we can give you is simply chatting with workers who you think may be experts. You may ask a couple of questions to get ensured that you aren’t talking to a scammer. 

After all, you’re employing a freelancer for their skill, not for the website they’re working at.

Shopify perfectly helps you to find a good service, however, you will need to spend some time searching for a proper worker. What cannot be said about Fiverr with a number of crooks and frauds you can find on the list of “professionals and experts”. 

Even though Fiverr provides you with more than 800 thousand experts, we don’t recommend you to use it, because you will spend plenty of time finding an expert, not a scammer.

As you can see, Shopify is a great place for merchants to look for a good option in case they want to outsource their work. You can find many excellent professionals here, but we especially recommend you to use Shopify designers’ service by makebecool.


To sum up, Shopify is the best place to find a good freelance worker. With Shopify you can hire a professional, rated, and verified worker, with a minimal risk of being scammed, who will perfectly do their job on time.