Should You Trust Zero Spread Forex Brokers?

The traditional way of trading forex has transformed dramatically over the last few years. It has become modern, convenient, and far more accessible than ever before. These days, it is possible to join the forex market as a trader within a couple of minutes and start trading via a trusted forex brokerage platform.

This trillion-dollar worth financial market is spreading across the globe, reaching a majority of investors who are tired of the stock market and/or their regular job. This is why companies worldwide have come up with several types of broker platforms with unique concepts like zero spread forex brokers.

But first, let’s understand what is meant by “spread”?

When we look at any forex pair, we get two prices: The bid price and Ask price. The difference between Bid and Ask price is what we call “Spread.” Having zero or no spread means there is no difference between the Bid and Ask price for a particular fx pair on a particular broker’s trading account, or the average of both Bid and Ask price is close to zero so that there is also no applicable trading fees.

Zero or no spread forex brokers are not new for forex trading veterans. They were first introduced a few years back, but now the market is full of options to choose from. Zero spread forex brokers are the primary choice for all those traders who want to pay the least amount of trading fees levied by fx brokers. By reducing the trading fees, one can invest extravagantly in fx pairs without wasting their hard-earned money. But many traders are not familiar with the idea of zero-spread forex brokers. This article is meant to help them.

Risks of choosing zero spread brokers

Like any other option available in the world of forex, even zero spread forex brokers come with some disadvantages. While trading forex pairs, most traders choose leverage trading options, putting your trading account at risk. As leveraged trades unfold, a trader can close or open their position wherever they want, but in case it does not bring them profit, a huge amount of funds is deducted from the traders’ active account. The situation could worsen so much that traders might be left with a negative amount in their trading account. This is when negative balance protection, a type of risk management technique, comes to traders’ rescue. Almost all international forex brokers offer negative balance protection as an inclusive feature of their trading accounts. But not zero spread forex brokers.

The main risk of using zero or no spread broker is that it leaves traders completely exposed to issues associated with a negative balance. This means that if traders deliberately choose leveraged trading and come across failure, there will be no protection shield or guarding feature to help them out.

Reasons to choose zero spread forex brokers

● Zero spread forex brokers give traders the time to develop a safe and profitable trading strategy. Without stressing about high trading fees and spreads, traders can focus on honing their trading skills to take advantage of the market sentiments by choosing the right forex pair.

● Forex trading without a carefully devised strategy is a complete waste of time and money. One cannot become a capable fx trader unless they implement their own or industry-trusted and beneficial strategies while trading. Experts say that zero-spread forex brokers come in handy for the proper implementation of some forex strategies.

● During fx trading, people have to pay attention to different kinds of losses if things do not go as per plan. Trading and non-trading risks must be evaluated by traders each time before they open or close a specific trading position. Zero spread forex brokers allow users to analyze non-trading risks or slippage in time.

● Suppose you are a day trader who dabbles in the forex market during regular business hours and is also fond of the scalping method, which limits risks and guarantees small profits. In that case, zero spread forex brokers are likely to be the best match for you.

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
On Chain Analysis Data Engineer. Lives in sunny Perth, Australia. Investing and writing about Crypto since 2014.

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