Shroud of the Avatar revamps potions, adds new UI features, and brings new crafting recipes in Release 92

I’ve been helping with the new potions and crafting recipes in Release 92, and the team is working hard to make sure we have a good number of new potions that play well into R92. Many of them are going to be interesting, including some that will provide some helpful effects while others will be dangerous. For players who are more interested in the gameplay side of things, we’re also going to be adding a new UI feature that will make it easier for you to sort your potions and crafting recipes. In R92, we’re still working on the new crafting recipes, but many of them are coming along great and we hope to have them all in by the end of the week.

Release 92: SoT’s latest update, “Dragon’s Breath”, is now available as a free download! This release starts off the new year with a bang – literally, as there are new mechanics for building, crafting, and enchanting in the game.

It’s been a busy month for Shroud of the Avatar this month as we’re now in Release 92 and preparing to bring back the monthly features. This includes revamping the Alchemy system to match the changes made to the character creation and UI systems. The new items and recipes have been added to the game for Release 93 and will be available in the game in the next patch (currently scheduled for February 1st). The new changes will be in-game until the release of Release 95, the final release to include all the changes added during the week of January 25th.


There’s something for everyone in Shroud of the Avatar Release 92, whether you want to drink refreshing potions, study UI components, or make stuff. Health, focus, and restoration potions now have a “aether” tier, which is higher than infused potions in this version. Furthermore, all potions of this kind now have a 30 second cooldown and a 25 percent stacking Elixir Receptiveness penalty that lasts for 30 seconds, and their effects will increase with character level.

In terms of UI changes, this patch adds the ability to ask developers questions via the universal chat channel using the “askdev” command (which we’re sure is a flawlessly brilliant idea that will never be abused); introduces a “show more” button for character stats; displays the names of broken and nearly-broken items in the relevant indicators; and adds a dismount button for those who teleport. Perhaps you have a really good clicky mouse and like the sound it produces. We’re not passing judgment.

Finally, Release 92 includes a “significant number” of new recipes, including a floor turbine, wooden mooring post decorations, and various crate and shelf decorations. In addition, the most recent patch notes provide a large number of general repairs, changes, and modifications.

Shroud of the Avatar, as long-time MOP readers know, is a contentious MMO. The game and its original studio have been chastised for reducing promised features, overfunding, delaying Kickstarter incentives, obscuring company leadership and office status, and failing to file SEC reports as required under the game’s equity crowdfunding. Richard Garriott’s firm Portalarium sold SOTA to its main developer in 2019, thus exiting the game. Press inquiries have been greeted with stonewalling and obscenities, and equity crowdfund backers seem to have been forgotten about, but the game still has players and is still being developed, as we continue to cover.


This week’s release of Shroud of the Avatar (SoTA) takes our world to a new level of connectivity. From the new boats and ship window to the new UI and crafting system, SoTA is not only more immersive, but more interactive. With Release 92, we’re continuing to build our world and all that it has to offer.. Read more about shroud of the avatar guide and let us know what you think.

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