Smart Career Moves for Techies

Do you consider yourself a techie? If so, you’ve probably already made some tentative career plans. The good news for technically inclined individuals is that jobs are plentiful, pay well, and most offer career paths for long-term employment. How can you make the most of your experience, tech talent, and eagerness to find a position that meets your requirements?


As with most other fields, particularly the tech sector, success depends on experience and education. More than in any other job niche, it’s not who you know, but what you know that opens doors at technical corporations and firms. What does that mean for you? It means now is the time to seek the right degree and experience so you can land a good-paying, interesting, challenging position. Here’s how to begin.

Get Relevant Experience

No matter your age, try to land an entry-level or intern-type position with a technology company. Many retailers offer short training programs for sales, repair, and customer service workers. Any position that allows you to learn about the industry, do some hands-on repair work, or deal with consumers is a good way to build up your resume. Apply for paid positions first because they tend to offer the most detailed, up-to-date training courses for new employees.

Earn a Relevant Degree

Some colleges specialize in tech-oriented programs, so be sure to keep that in mind as you shop for schools. Make it a point to speak with a guidance counselor to explore degrees and majors that make the most sense for your career pursuits. In larger universities, for example, you can choose from dozens of majors under the IT umbrella. Make every effort to get financing arranged before classes begin. That means applying for a student loan as soon as you know what school you’ll be attending. Then you’ll be able to breeze through the loan application process online and find out about loan packages, interest rates, and terms in a matter of days.

Be an Entrepreneur

If you are the entrepreneurial type, explore starting your own business. Be ready to do plenty of independent study to get up to speed on industry requirements. Many startups in the field focus on providing cybersecurity, general repair, and other types of services to corporations and institutions. You’ll need a good business sense, innovative ways to do better than your competitors, and the technical skills that pertain to the line of work your company offers.

Acquire One or More Certifications

Before starting school or work, learn one or more official certificates through online study. There are about 20 you can complete in 12 months or less. Be careful to focus on the most common languages and programming skills to avoid wasting money on obscure or highly advanced coursework. There’s a win-win situation here because whatever certifications you earn can help develop the most in-demand skills and bolster your resume. Then, when you start interviewing, you’ll have plenty to show for your efforts. Taking on solo study tells hiring agents that you have ambition and are dedicated to improving yourself, two traits that automatically make you an attractive job candidate.

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