Swords of Legends Online’s NA server runs into some technical issues during launch

The launch of Sword of Legends Online’s North American server has been delayed. The team at Aincrad Chronicles stated that the servers were experiencing some technical issues and that players would have to wait a little bit longer to play on the new server. The NA server is running on the same code that was used for the European server. The delay is currently unknown but will affect the launch of the NA server.

So, you’ve heard all about Heartstone, and it’s free-to-play MOBA that runs on the Unity engine? You’ve read about it for the past year, and now you’re finally ready to play? Well, not quite. The game’s servers were temporarily taken offline earlier this week, and the developers were faced with a situation they had never encountered: the game was not available for play.

Last Friday, the game Swords of Legends Online arrived on our side of the world, but as it goes with almost all MMORPGs from now to infinity, there were some technical issues that publisher Gameforge had to fix, especially for the NA server.

The problems were noted as shortly after 10:30. EDT that morning, players received incorrect maintenance notifications, outages and connection problems. This led to an emergency maintenance cycle and a patch with somevoiceover updates, but the maintenance didn’t fix theproblem, forcing Gameforge to talk to Microsoftfor a long time to fix the problem.

So far, a second emergency maintenance has taken place last Saturday, which seems to have fixed the problem, although the developers said shortly after the maintenance that they will continue to monitor the situation.

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