Techniques for Creating Engaging Videos

The World Wide Web is saturated with so much content. The key to coming out on top is to think outside the box and come up with something new and engaging. You need to understand how you can capture the attention of your audience by creating engaging video content.

The key aspects that you must pay attention to to create an engaging video include:

  • Content
  • Emotion
  • Filming & Editing


  • Hook Them Up!

Begin your video with a hook. Most viewers click out of videos with mediocre content till they land on something that interests them. So let them know right in the beginning that they have arrived at the right place and can stop searching. Avoid starting with a drawn-out intro. Cut right to the chase, and follow with a bumper or intro. You can say it directly or indulge in a problem/solution kind of story.

  • Make it Shareable!

Videos that people find funny, cute, shocking, or entertaining are the most shared videos on the internet. Make sure your video content falls in these categories. Ask yourself, why would I share this with my friends? Keep the elements that make a video shareable and create the video accordingly.

  • Spark the Audiences’ Curiosity

Before you make a video with the use of an online video editor, do your research and come up with information that your audience will find interesting or valuable. Present this information while making it entertaining. Spark your audience’s curiosity so they will keep watching to find out what you have to say. Giving new interesting information is just like giving them a free gift, which will make them feel grateful and more likely to buy whatever you are selling.

  • Write an engaging script

Very few people who are experienced orators may be able to talk through the video without a script. But for most people, it is essential to write a script to get the message across. It is necessary to be clear about the objective of the video, then write a tight script that is efficient and gets the message across in a clear and precise manner. Of course, you don’t need to be unnatural and stiff, but avoid rambling on and on.

  • Stand out from others.

Of course, there must be hundreds of businesses that are doing the same thing as you. You need to identify and convey your USP (Unique Selling Point). This USP should be something that puts yours ahead of your competition. Make sure the USP is in the front and center of your video. Tell the viewers what you will give them right in the intro, and make sure you deliver.


There is a huge ocean of content and advertisements all over the internet today. Companies and brands need to reach an audience and deliver their message without coming off as a nuisance. Video content tends to evoke an emotional response in people. Invoking the right kind of emotion will be able to cut through the noise and stand apart from the competition. Videos that incite emotional responses such as happiness, excitement, hope, or intrigue are the ones that usually go viral.

If you are trying to sell anything, take steps to target the emotional side of the audiences’ brain, not the rational side. Engage with the viewers by asking them leading questions like you are conversing with them. Prove yourself as a trustworthy source by getting endorsements from reputed sources. Present testimonials are saying how your product has helped people.

Filming and Editing

The way you film and edit your videos play a great role in garnering its success. Walk towards a stationary camera and talk while looking at the camera. Cut the shot to you in different spots to create some movement. Jump-starting the video with a great entrance will command the viewer’s attention from the very beginning.

  • Move your camera

Different camera techniques can make the video look more engaging. Zooming in and out, changing your position within the frame, and moving the camera are a few great ways. These moves are important as people have short attention spans. Watching the same frame for a long time gets too boring for viewers. Break things up to make the video more engaging.

Moving the camera while you are speaking is another great way to maintain interest. This technique works great in b-rolls, documentaries, and explainer videos. It works as the background keeps changing and the subject remains in focus. These camera tricks are useful but avoid overusing them.

  • Use snappy editing

Bad or no editing can cause people to click off from the video. People start to get antsy after 8 seconds or so. A-frame without any cuts tends to become uninteresting. A shot that is too tight can even look claustrophobic. Snapping editing helps ensure that the viewers do not get bored and keep watching. Use editing to get rid of dialogue mistakes, lulls in the action, or dead air. Editing software can also be used to pan, slide or tilt shots if you were unable to do them while shooting to make it look engaging.

Adding music and sound effects is another surefire way to generate engaging video content. They help multiply the force of the message and add an ambiance. But the important thing to remember is that the music must match the message. Add music and sound effects while editing to ensure you get the best final output.

  • Incorporate B-Roll Strategically

B-roll is the extra footage you add in a video to bring extra emphasis on the important points. B-rolls works as it hits the audiences’ limbic system and helps them retain the point. It helps them paint a picture and breaks the monotony of the video as well.

  • Include graphics

Effects, transitions, and titles help boost the engagement factor of your video. During the video, if you want the viewers to click on a link, you need to point to the lower part of the screen to the place where the link will appear. Graphics are a great way to break down complex points into easily understandable parts. In interviews, graphics can help introduce the guests by adding a card displaying their name and website.

Now that you have understood how you can command the viewers’ attention and keep them engaged, you can master these techniques and take advantage of them in your business.

Jessica Shaver
Jessica Shaver
Online Entrepreneur. Successfully running and operating multiple eCommerce ventures, in between writing about it all.

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