The 7 Best Off-Meta Supports in LoL (Season 11)

There are several players in League of Legends that have a versatile support role, and they do it really well. Specializing in not just one aspect of the game, these supports are able to diversify their champion pool and help their team in many ways. We’ve seen many different supports impact the game in different ways; some have fundamentally changed how a game is played, while others have been very impactful for their regions.

The meta changes drastically in the new season, and so does the support role. If you’re looking for the best supports to play in games, then here’s a list that includes some of the best you can pick up in the current meta.

The League of Legends support meta has changed a lot over the years, but the champions you encounter in this role are mostly just support. Of course, there are champions like Lux and Brand who often play on other lines, but they remain the main players in the robot lane. But sometimes playing the same old champions gets boring. And when the league players get bored, they start experimenting.

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In this list, we look at the best experimental (non-meta) media that has emerged in recent years. They are all based on their usefulness for the current season, but we will also look at their usefulness in the past. Let’s get going!

7 best off-meta support in LoL

Let’s start with the Invincible Spear itself and go straight to the list of interesting off-meta builds that should be supported.

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When Pantheon appeared in LoLas a fun bracket, it seemed like a terrible idea. But over time it has become logical.

The Pantheon does not shine in the traditional way for most wearers. He does not heal his teammates, protect them from damage, or give them damage increasing abilities. What it does do is apply pressure.

In this he is similar to assistants like Leon and Zira, but he has more potential to carry his ADC than they do. In many cases, Pantheon is probably seen as a greedy backstop, but the pressure he puts on his lane is undeniable. He can also help his ADC get kills with stuns, but that’s not the reason to play him. Sure, the Hall of Fame will kill more people than it will help, but if done right, it will eventually work.

Pantheon is certainly not a meta-support (for good reason), but it is one of the most effective. Playing Pantheon is a bold choice, so if you’re going to use it as part of a bot lane combo, be sure.

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Miss Fortune

Image: Riot Games

Miss Fortune’s support has been around for years, and I doubt it will ever really go away. The main interest in using them as replacements is the operation of their skills. Miss Fortune’s abilities require much more deliberate movement and modification than a normal ADC. Therefore, it is easier as a supporter than as an ADC to have the freedom to try to create optimal situations for them. His E (Make it Rain) ability can slow opponents down enough for the ADC to kill them, and his ultimates easily disable anyone who can run away.

While it is one of the best LoL s outside of meta support, it can be risky to choose MF support – it will leave your team on the bot path most of the time without any kind of tight crowd control. And since MF has virtually no way to get out of a bad situation, this often leads to disasters in the robot lane. But if you know the ADC you’re playing with knows crowd control and knows how to work with MF support, I’d say go for it. Also make sure you know what build she is using in this environment, as it changes often and usually does not match her ADC build.

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Image: Riot Games

Neeko’s support is similar, but not as consistent. Since Nico is an AP mage, she is capable of doing serious damage, but she lacks the standard support skills. He’s very good at rooting, but that’s about it.

Using Neeko as a League of Legends -Botliner in the off-meta is about maximizing damage without stealing every kill. Unlike a support like Brand, if Nico takes all the kills, she can do serious damage to your team. She does not have the potential to easily win a team fight on her own, as some mages do in a support role, so she should be used more carefully.

Neeko works best when combined with slow moving CDAs rather than more aggressive CDAs. Pairing Neeko with an ADC like Draven would be a disaster, so you’ll have to communicate with your bot partner to know what to take. Ultimately, Neeko’s support is a matter of communication and caution. If you can handle it, it can be a lot of fun to play.

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Image: Riot Games

There was a time when Malzahar was one of the best assistants in the game. His role has diminished significantly since then, but he remains one of my favorite players outside of the meta. The main reason why it has lost its support role is that the overall meta of the robot path has changed significantly.

Malzahar thrived when all supports played with heals (usually with burning censer) and bot lane champions like Kog’Maw. I still think it’s worth playing against teams like that, but since they’re not as common anymore, it’s not as easy to pick them. What made Malzahar so good was his ability to completely eliminate any champion with his ultimates. Now that people are playing more aggressive support, it’s not as one-sided as it used to be, when Malzahar was played around to do the same to the opponent. I think Malzahar is one of the best off-meta supports in LoL, but you have to choose him very carefully. And never choose it blindly.

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If there’s one champion who will always be an interesting backup pick, it’s Zion. Zion brings more chaos to the robot trail than any other medium, and that’s fun. With his ultimatum, he can force his opponents to retreat, and can also stun enemy bot laners if used properly. This massive crowd control is his best feature as a reserve, but he has other ways to help as well. His Q and E abilities can stun or slow enemies, and deal a good amount of damage. Additionally, he can successfully tank most ADC ultimates.

Sion is one of the best off-meta soppers in LoL because of his versatility compared to others. You don’t have to pick him only against certain teams for him to be useful, and you can even pick him blindly if you really trust him. Personally, I wouldn’t (he’s out of the meta for a reason), but hey. If this is what you really want, who am I to stop you?

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Annie’s support plays the same way as the middle job. The main goal Annie wants to achieve in any game is to stun opponents as often as possible, and this works doubly well in robot lane. Her damage can be easily adjusted so that her ADC can make kills with it, and if things go wrong, she can drop Tibbers (her Ultimates) and let him do all the work.

However, Annie is very soft and sedentary, so she can be an easy target if she doesn’t have Tibbers or a stunner on hand. That’s why Annie is one of those risk-takers who picks up on the spot. You have to be very careful if you want to play with it. I wouldn’t recommend picking her blind or against very aggressive duos, but other than that, she’s one of the best off-meta juices in LoL.

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Image: Riot Games

Ziggs has a complicated history with the robot path. We often see him play as an APC (ability power carry), taking the place of the traditional ADC, but never reaching the heights of his peers. And although Ziggs usually plays that role in the bot lane, if he goes there, he can also play the supporting role – much more effective than the APC in my opinion.

The main feature of Ziggs as a support is the ability to block parts of the roadway. All his skills force enemies to move to avoid them. This allows him to easily force enemies into the position he and his teammates want. Using this feature is the only real way to play Ziggs Support, which also means communicating. If you want to try Ziggs for support, I highly recommend doing so with someone you are online with. But you can play with it in one round if you really want to. Just make sure you know exactly how to play the medium, and use text chat to try and communicate as much as possible.



Playing with one of the best off-meta snappers in LoL can be a great way to take a break from the standard support game routine and have a little more fun. Choosing champions outside of the meta is risky, especially if you’re immediately shut out by a teammate. Always make your intentions known before purchasing an out-of-meta backup, to make sure it’s compatible with what the rest of your team wants to play.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best support in LOL s11?

The best support in LOL s11 is Mata.

What is the meta in League of Legends?

The meta is the current state of the game. It’s a term used to describe what champions are being played, what items are being bought, and how teams are playing.

Is Lux a good support?

Lux is a good support in the sense that she can provide vision and utility to her team. She has a lot of crowd control, which makes her good at locking down targets. Her ultimate also provides a lot of utility for her team, as it can be used to set up kills or save teammates from death.

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