The Best 8 Horse Racing Sites for 2021

In recent years, one industry that’s really exploded is the sports betting industry, more specifically the online sports betting industry.

Today’s fast horse racing results

If you’re looking for fast and instant horse racing results, whether it’s for today, yesterday, or last week, the wealth of online betting portals has made the job infinitely easier. Online betting has made it extremely accessible to people all over the world and made it available to a much larger audience. Horse racing, know for a long time as the “sport of kings” offers an abundance of sites right at your fingertips specifically designed for this type of gambling. Whether you are actively looking for horses to bet on or just looking for stats and information to increase your knowledge, there is definitely something out there that might pique your interest. 

Here are the best sites to try out that will, no doubt, keep you entertained for the rest of 2021.

Betting on horse racing is not just a game of luck, but takes immense skill and practice, as well as lots of research and concentration, in order to make sure that you’re making the right choices. is not just for those who know what’s up in the horse racing world. They are here to cater to those who have no idea where to get started and they market themselves as the online betting guide for beginners. With everything from the basics of betting, betting exchanges, and advanced betting, it will surely be of help to anyone wanting to learn.

This fun, colourful, and eye-catching page is definitely going to hold your attention for a good while. The site opens right onto a home page filled to the brim with the latest news articles about anything you would want to know in the horse racing world. You will also find stats and analysis as you scroll further down the page, as well as a few blogs.

Beyond the news, you can get into the real nitty-gritty of the game. Along the top of the page you will find tabs that will take you to the racecards, results, and best odds, along with many other things that might be of interest.

competitive horse racing in heavy sandstorm.   

A standout feature on is the ability for any user to watch the horse shows live as they are going on, or see the replays, which will enable bettors to analyse the horses and jockeys while racing and see who might be the best for them to bet on.

Like most of the other sites you will find the latest news right on the front page of the site, but along with that you will also be able to see who other people are in support of and potentially guide your betting choices in the tab marked “most backed”.

Living in an age where social media is one of the most prominent forms of communication, on their website you can find all of’s latest tweets. If you’re not sure whether horserace betting is for you, this is the perfect website to try out with its option for a free 30-day trial loudly advertised at the top of the page.

Horse race

If you are a bit more knowledgeable about horse racing and who is who in the game, this would be a much better option to try out. With its clear layout and easy to navigate design, anyone will be able to find exactly what they are looking for if they understand the language of horse racing. Everything on this website is clear, concise, and to the point.

Opening the page, you will find a list of today’s races as well as race results, scrolling down a bit further. While there is a bit of news on the site, it seems not to be their main focus.

Based in New York, is catered more towards the equestrians of the world. For those interested in horse race betting or just in the horse racing itself, there is a section on the site that updates the viewer on who the leading horses and jockeys are at the time, as well as a good amount of frequently updated news articles and a constant twitter feed too.

Although the main idea of this site is equestrians helping equestrians. Here you can see all sorts of different recommendations, as well as advertise horses, scholarships, and so much more. is a site that enables you to keep track of horse racing as well as greyhound racing. Bettors can plan the week ahead by looking at the races set for the entire week rather than just for the day, as well as discover who the top jockeys and trainers are in order to help make their betting decisions. Regularly updated news is also available for anyone to read.

Unlike the other sites mentioned, has a mobile app which is a step in the right direction on their part. People are constantly on their phones looking at social media, taking photos, or checking their messages. By making an app for mobile phones they made accessibility a million times easier by not forcing people to sit down at their computer and go through a whole process of getting to the website.

Opening the site you will see all the basics that you would expect, news articles, the latest updates, race times and results, and a load of statistics. To the left of the screen, for ease of access, there is a list of quick links that will take you exactly where you want to go in no time at all.

One of the more interesting parts of this website is the section on racing stories. People love feeling good and reading about other people’s success stories is almost a guaranteed way to make someone love the sport and potentially even want to become more invested in it.

Last but not least is the site that could be considered everything you need to know about horses and horse racing. It is a one stop shop for bettors and equestrians alike. With its trendy magazine layout and vast array of different quick links to choose from, you are bound to find something.

Not only is there news about horse betting and racing but also podcasts, photo galleries, horse care tips, and even a marketplace. There is truly something for everyone to find on 

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