The Best Race for Necromancer Class in ESO (2021)

As the Necromancer class grows in popularity, individuals are getting more and more creative with the possibilities of a lot of their abilities. One of my main concerns is that many Necromancers have no idea what to do with their abilities. This article will provide some ideas as to how to use them in combat.

The Necromancer has been a huge part of the Elder Scrolls Online since its inception, but they haven’t received quite the attention Necromancer players in other MMOs have. The lore, the ability to summon the undead, and the diversity of player characters has made for a unique experience, but in terms of overall usefulness, Necromancers haven’t had that much to offer in the way of end-game content.

The Necromancer class in Elder Scrolls Online unlocks every undead skill imaginable that you can use in an MMO. In this article, we look at the best races to create a Necromancer character to maximize playability and integrate it into the Elder Scrolls story. Necromancers raise the dead to fight alongside them, equip themselves with skeletal armor, and drain the energy of the living and the dead to heal themselves and their group members. These skills correspond to the skill trees of the necromancers Lord of the Tomb, Bone Tyrant and Living Death. Some races make better use of the necromancer’s toolbox than others, while other races have histories that fit perfectly with the necromancer’s class divisions. It’s hard to pick the best race for Necromancer ESO as a whole, so we’ll pick out the ones that are best for each type of Necromancer game – DPS Magicka, DPS Stamina, Healer and Tank. First we’ll look at how to choose a race for Meta to make the best Necromancer, and then we’ll look at which races fit the story best.

The best races for the class Necromancer in ESO

To begin our list of the best races for Necromancer ESO , let’s look at the perfect option for a fan favorite – the Necromancer Magicka! 1 /5


Best race for Magicka Necromancer (DPS) Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-1928 word-image-1929 To make a Necromancer with Magicka, the benefits of Khajiit passives outweigh the raw Micka bonuses you can get from a High Elf or Breton. As a Khajiit, you gain 915 additional health, magicka and stamina points, and a regeneration bonus of each (100 for health, 85 for magicka/stamina) for resources consumed in combat. The main passive benefit of Khajiit is the extra 12% critical damage and healing that increases the damage of your AOE skills. To make the most of the Khajiit’s critical damage bonus, use sets like Mother’s Sorrow or Medusa, which give you critical spells that increase the chance of big critical hits. Using Thief mundus increases your chance of critical strike and should be used when not using Shadow mundus to further increase your critical damage and healing. As a general rule, you should use Thief if your critical chance is less than 50%, and Shadow if it’s higher. The necromancer’s passive skill, Breath of Death, increases the chance of a critical strike by 4% for every skill the Lord of the Tombs uses on enemies with 25% health, so this should be taken into account when choosing a build. The Tomb Raider skills give necromancers some devastating AOE abilities, including explosive dice. This is a delayed skill that you can target an enemy before attacking them in real combat, allowing you to use other damage skills in time to deal and receive massive damage at the same time. The Lord of the Tomb’s ultimatum, the Ice Colossus, inflicts damage over a large area and ultimately eliminates enemies within that area. He also casts a debuff called Greater Vulnerability on those he hits, increasing their damage by 30%. If your group supplements this ultimate with their own ultimates and abilities that do maximum damage, the amount of damage can be truly colossal. If the boss’s health drops below 25% during the execution phase, make sure your execution skills are at the same skillspace as the Grave Digger’s skills to make sure you still get critical hits. 2 /5

Black Elf

Best race for necromancer DPS stamina Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-1930 word-image-1932 Raw stamina stats will help you a lot in making a necromancer with stamina, and the best way to get it now is to be a Dunmer (Dark Elf). As a dark elf, you gain 1950 units of extra stamina and magicka, and 258 units of extra weapon and magic damage. These two primary passives allow the dark elf to scale all of his destructive abilities with these raw character multipliers. Using an Orc is still a good choice, but at the highest levels of the game, the Dark Elf and Khajiit top the list for the best constant damage. Hajiit may offer better burst potential, but the Dark Elf deals more consistent damage throughout the fight and doesn’t rely on critical hits. The Necromancer’s passive skill Fast Rotation increases the damage done by temporary effects by 15%. Therefore, you should make full use of skills that inflict the Disease, Poisoning or Bleeding status effect on enemies. Blastbones, Twin Slashes, Trap Beast and Poison Arrow (to name a few) provide bonus damage over time. Necromancers with stamina use Gravelord abilities, but morphs modify the abilities by inflicting disease or poison damage. The disease causes mild damage that reduces healing by 15%, and the poison causes additional damage over time. Grave Lord Ultimates converted to Pestilent Colossus give you the same advantage by applying high vulnerability to affected enemies and generally dealing more damage. As for basic skills, make sure your skeleton archer not only does constant damage, but also leaves corpses on which other skills can be applied. Blighted Blastbones is also something that a necromancer with stamina needs to constantly cast on standby to get consistent AOE damage, and also leaves a corpse behind. Detonating Siphon is another important skill that makes use of the two previously mentioned skills by sucking in the corpse to deal damage to enemies around it for a certain amount of time, and detonating it at the end to deal a burst of damage. Another benefit of having the Detonation Siphon on your main weapon’s field is that you do 3% more damage just because you have it on your field. 3 /5

High Elf

Best race for necromancer healers Figure: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-1934 word-image-1937 If you make a Necromancer Healer, the most important thing you need is a high Magicka stock and Magicka support. As a high elf, when you activate this skill, you gain 2,000 points of magicka every six seconds, 258 points of spell and weapon damage, and 625 points of magicka/stamina regeneration (whichever is lower). With higher magicka and spell damage, your healing abilities are more effective, keeping your allies alive even in the toughest veteran quests. Normally, a Breton would be more suited to the Magicka restoration needed to heal, but with the Necromancer’s passive skill, Deadly Purge, you regenerate 200 Magicka/stamina every time an enemy you fight dies, meaning you have to worry less about keeping your resources up. Additionally, the necromancer’s Undead Confederate passive skill increases your recovery of magicka/endurance by another 200 while the necromancer’s summon is active. The Living Death skill also passively increases your healing ability, and the Spirit Summoning spell heals your allies with low health without having to cast a spell. Necromancer healers often have the ultimate Resurrection, which allows them to resurrect their dead teammates, so they don’t have to start the fight over if things get out of hand. If the Necromancer Healer manages to stay alive during the difficult boss mechanic, he can immediately get the party back on its feet with this Jailbreak card in his arsenal. Braided Tether is a skill that (in lock) increases your healing by 3% and also heals you and allies near you, buffering the other heals. Necromancer healers are very good at dealing with death in the nick of time thanks to their passive skill Near Death Experience, which increases the critical hit probability of healing skills by 20% in proportion to the severity of their own health loss or that of their allies. If you have the right timing, you can use your most powerful healings, knowing that they will hit critical and quickly restore the health of your teammates. 4 /5


Best race for necromancer tanks Photo: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-1939 word-image-1941 What is the best ESO race for necromancers who prefer the tank role? With its large amount of resources and low skill cost, Imperec is the ultimate choice for building the best Necromancer tank. When you become Emperor, you gain 2000 extra health and stamina, and all your skills cost 6% less. Emperors are now considered excellent tanks for all classes, and as necromancers they can combine damage and removal very well to increase your group’s total damage. The final cost of necromancers is very high. So if you lower the final cost, you can use it more easily and regularly. Your team will never complain about being able to use the aggressive warhorn more often, which remains an indispensable ultimate for a tank. With the Bone Tyrant’s abilities, you can increase your armor and health and reduce the damage enemies inflict on you and your group members. As a last resort, you can use the Bone Goliath Ultimates from this skill tree and turn yourself into a giant skeleton that restores and increases your maximum health by an absurd 30,000 units. This makes it nearly impossible to kill you and helps you in fights where the healer can’t heal the damage you do or focuses on saving your life. Beckoning armor gives you great resistance and defense, increasing your physical and spell resistance by 5280. At the same time, the enemies you attack are pulled away, so you can collect ads for your team faster. Deadly Pain is also one of the Necromancer’s most powerful tank skills, as it passively reduces the damage you take by 3% as long as it is in your skillbar. When used on a group of corpses (enemies or derivatives of your abilities), you gain ultimate generation, health, and base defense, which reduces incoming damage by 30%.

Imperial is also our choice of the best race for a Necromancer in terms ofhistory.

Another interesting point is that the Imperials also stand out when looking for the best race for necromancers, given the history of the world Elder Scrolls . Indeed, almost every culture and race abhors necromancers (although there are groups in every race that break the code and practice necromancy anyway). The Imperialists, however, have the fewest borders and laws prohibiting necromancy, giving it a stronger foothold in the Empire. Mannimarco (High Elf), known as the King of Hearts, is the most popular necromancer in Elder Scrolls lore and was very prominent in the Empire before the War of the Rings began. Necromancy is legal in Cyrodiil, making it an ideal place to practice it without being persecuted. The second best place to practice necromancy is Elswire. Given the relatively aloof attitude of the Khajiit people in this matter, the presence of a Khajiit necromancer would not really be a surprise. Finally, there is a reason why the Necromancer class was released at the same time as the Head of Elsweyr. 5 /5


Best race for necromancers in PVP Image: ZeniMax via HGG word-image-1942 word-image-1943 What is the best ESO race for PvP oriented necromancers? Well, with the current meth and upcoming updates, characters with stamina seem to be very strong in PVP right now. The best race for a necromancer with stamina? Suffice to say, the passives the orc gives are very powerful for staying in the fight while doing a lot of damage. As an orc, you gain 1000 extra stamina and health, 258 weapon and spell damage, and regenerate 2125 health every four seconds as you deal damage. This allows the Stamcro Orc to concentrate on dealing a large amount of damage without worrying about health recovery during combat. You need 225 ultimates to cast Pestilent Colossus (your damage ultimatum) and 250 ultimates for Ravenous Goliath (your defensive ultimatum). So consider using skills that allow you to generate ultimates faster and beat your high burst potential with delayed blast-bone damage.   word-image-815 word-image-816


The Necromancer is one of the most useful classes to play in Elder Scrolls. We hope this guide has helped you choose the best race ESO for your ideal Necromancer. Check out more articles from High Ground Gaming to enhance your gaming experience. If you enjoyed this article and want to stay up to date with the best gaming news, sign up for the HGG newsletter. Enjoy the game! Linked reading

Frequently Asked Questions

What race is best for necromancer eso?

In recent years, the popularity of the Necromancer class in Elder Scrolls Online has skyrocketed. This class is a hybrid between a Mage and a Death Knight, and its goal is to become the ideal summoner. Since the game came out, each subsequent expansion has brought new classes—and new ways to play—to the game. But for all the new opportunities, how do you decide which class to play? Follow along and see how to choose your best path in ESO. Since the release of the Elder Scrolls Online, players have been clamoring for more information on the necromancer class, in particular, the various race options available to them. The main concern for players upgrading to the game from previous titles was that the necromancer class would not give them the best options for the class.

Is necromancer good in ESO 2021?

If you are a fan of horror in games, then you should try out the dark necromancer class for the upcoming release of Elder Scrolls Online. This time around, the class is a lot more powerful then it was in the past. One of the the most important changes to the class is that it is able to summon 2 skeletons instead of only one. This makes the necromancer very powerful in PvP. Another change is that the class is now able to teleport to the place of your next order. This makes the class much better at world bosses and group dungeons. As the Elder Scrolls: Online went free to play in 2017, the Necromancer has been one of its most popular classes, with all the benefits of a tanking class in the world of Dragon Bones, the power to summon minions, and the ability to focus on destructive magics. However, will the class remain popular in the game’s upcoming 2020 expansion? Or is it time to look for other ways to level up your Necromancer?

Is the necromancer class worth it eso?

The necromancer class has been challenging many players since it was released in Morrowind. Its ability to resurrect the dead has proved to be a compelling aspect of gameplay, and it’s been the cause for many players to religiously level up the necromancer class. A necromancer is a class that may not be best received by gamers, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth using. The necromancer is a class that is focused on summoning a number of undead minions in order to overwhelm the enemy. However, with the current state of the game, necro’s have a very difficult time being used in a group, and as such, the best ones tend to be solo.

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