The Craziest Questions on Gaming Forums

The fan base that gaming has been attracting over the years can be hard to compare to other communities. The recent pandemic outbreak has certainly changed the landscape in a variety of ways.

As people are in lockdown, they turn to play games to pass the time. Also, some have relied on it to earn passive income by playing casino games while keeping to the pandemic protocols. This fact has brought a wider audience to the entertainment sector, making it triple what it used to be. Because of the new development, there have been many gaming forums that people turn to ask different questions relating to gaming, the type of games to play, and lots more.

On these gaming forums, some questions are intelligent, some funny, while some have been tagged as crazy and weird. The reason behind this is not farfetched. Some who are new to casino games, for example, are likely not to know much about playing the free and premium slots games. Even some game lovers who have been playing different types of games but want to try out casino games to earn cash on their winnings have loads of mind-blowing questions to ask. Different questions on payment and withdrawal, on the types of games like slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and live casino games.

As a result, the websites like Play Ojo casino gathered some of the craziest questions asked by gamers on different gaming forums. Notwithstanding, as crazy or weird as some of the questions may sound, you will still make something out of it as a game lover.

Gaming forums can be a great source of information

The importance of gaming forums to gamers

Discussing the old and trending gaming news with others is always fun and lively if gaming enthusiasts surround you. You will be able to discuss lots of things without getting fagged out. However, if game lovers like yourself do not surround you, it is always a big thing to deal with. That is the reason why gaming forums come in to give gamers a platform to have unrestricted discussions. In addition, there is some other importance of gaming forums:

  1.  Gaming forums help people from different parts of the world to come together to discuss their favorite games. There, game lovers meet new friends who want to talk about their love for the game or the developers doing well in a specific aspect. Thus, friendship is established because of the shared interests and passion when people talk on different topics.
  2. As gaming provides fun for lovers, gamers also turn to game forums to have ample fun whenever they want to take some moments away from the gaming screen to listen to other people’s exciting experiences.
  3. Gaming forums are also there for novice, intermediate, and pro players to get tips, tools, and guides to playing their desired games. Any gaming forum is full of information on the best way to play games to get good winnings, tips on how to stay ahead of the house edge, and how to choose a reliable gaming provider when it comes to safety and confidentiality.
  4. Through the forum, gamers discuss a new set of games that have come up and help those who are not aware of getting informed. In addition, it gives players hints and tricks to the new game, how they can play it without messing up.
  5. Gaming forums will guide players to weigh what is involved in a particular game before venturing into it. Players will ask different questions and get an immediate answer from those who have played the game. If their review is good or negative, it will contribute to the decision-making.
  6.  Aside from gamers, game developers can also use gaming forums to improve their games. On forums, real users give honest and undiluted reviews. If developers find a deficiency that players are pointing to, it will assist them in working on it in providing quality and satisfaction for their customers.
Forums are for all level of gamers

Common mistakes to avoid while on a gaming forum

Once you join any gaming forum, there are some things to take note of to get more from it to get the most out of it. Below are common mistakes to stay away from.

  1.  Not reading the forum rules: when you are on any gaming rule, the first thing that you should do is to get yourself familiar with the forum rules. There are FAQs and posting guidelines that will help to benefit from the forum. In addition, keeping to the rules without violating them will help you with your expectations.
  2.  Posting in the wrong forum: this is one of the things which should be avoided when you are on a gaming forum. On forums, there are different sections; each section is dedicated to different topics. When you want to ask questions, ensure you post your question in the right section so that not to be flagged and get the right answer for your question.
  3. Don’t assume people can read your mind: don’t make any form of an assumption that other members should be able to read your mind and have a broad knowledge of the question. Doing this is wrong. Instead, post your question with enough details, break it down in a way that a non-specialist could relate with.
  4. Be mindful of things to post: before posting any question or commenting on forums, ensure you go through them appropriately. Do not make use of explicit, obscene, or vulgar language that may cause rivalry or racism.
  5. Stay off advertising: on a forum, advertising or spam by posting links by selling or promoting someone or product is not permitted. So you shouldn’t engage in the act.
  6. Avoid lengthy articles: as forums are meant for sharing information, you are not to share lengthy articles as this might get other people uninterested. Whatever information that you will be sharing, make it brief and straight to the point.
  7. Using slang: on gaming forums, avoid using social media slang and smiley like LOL, FYI, BRB, SYS, and lots of them. Using this slang looks unprofessional, and some people on the forum may not correctly understand it.
You can find all sorts of Q & A on a gaming forum

The craziest question you can find on gaming forums

Below is the list of some weird questions you are likely to come by on forums if you have never been on one. For those who are already on gaming forums, you might have come across numerous of them.

  1.  If I play at many online casinos, does that mean that I am greedy? Well no. There is no rule over how many online casinos you can play at any given time. If you are playing with real cash and for real cash, you should know that having so many accounts on different sites will entail spending a lot. If you are fine with that, heck yes, be my guest and play on various sites. The more, the merrier; who knows, maybe you could win at all. 
  2. Is online roulette a better choice than casino roulette? They are the same; the difference is the comfort. With Casino roulette, one must go to a casino house in a city or state where gambling is permissible. However, with online roulette, you can avoid many things, and several sites have some form of authorization to operate, even in states where gambling is not permitted. Besides, there is the issue of play as you go; that is, you can play anywhere you are, and at any time you choose with online roulette, but with Casino, you have to travel there, lodge and more just to take part in the game. 
  3.  In a live casino, can I make the live dealer my friend so that I can be winning? As strange as this question is, it’s not impossible to make the live dealer your friend, but he can’t do much to help you. I mean, much of the online live casino features are automated and even when there is a live dealer and not an automated one, they don’t have so much power to help you win. Try your luck. 
  4.  Are video games addictive? Why can’t some people stop playing? Well yeah, they are addictive; that is what gaming is about. But I guess I would say that it depends on how you view gaming. As a gamer, I enjoy playing as a form of relaxation and even socialization, but I also restrict myself to an allocated time because of work and family expectations. If you don’t have anything going for your work or family-wise, it is easy to get lost in this fantasy world. So I guess the game isn’t the issue is the gamer who doesn’t realize that reality cannot be substituted for fantasy. 
  5. These days, some gamers make a decent living from playing video games. Do you think professional gamers are in any way similar to the athletes in other sports? Why or why not? You are right, gaming is making a lot of money for people, and there are several full-time gamers. But in the concept of being like athletes, I don’t think you can say that. Here is the thing other sports like football, tennis and such are physically and mentally demanding. Things like gaming, chess, and other board or machine-like games are only mentally challenging and cannot be compared. 
  6.   Is luck involved in casino games? That is pretty much the concept of casino games. It is a game of chance and luck — nothing more, nothing less. 
  7.  Is there a secret to winning any slot machine jackpots? Not so much of a secret to winning, but a secret to playing. Enjoy the game and play for the fun of it first. Making it a do-or-die affair leads you to rash and unwise choices, which are more likely to take you farther away from winning. 
  8. Can I make use of someone else’s card to deposit and withdraw to my debit card? No, most sites won’t let you deposit or withdraw with another debit card. It’s a safety precaution for you. But you could be lucky to see a few casino sites that will let you deposit from a different debit card. But not withdraw.


On gaming forums, there is no question which you cannot ask there. No matter how weird, crazy, or insane the question looks like, someone will be there to give you an answer to it. That is why the platform is also a place to have fun. Therefore it is in the best interest for every gamer to be part of the gaming forum and ask any question relating to gaming that pops up in their mind. However, not all questions there are crazy, there are some that look so, but in the real sense, it is a sensible question that addresses one or two players’ issues in gaming.

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