The Daily Grind: Which Kickstarter MMOs do you actually still want when they launch?

Kickstarter has been a great way to get the funding you need to make the games we want to play. The problem is, that these days, with the resources necessary to get a Kickstarted MMO up and running, it’s a lot easier to build a PvP game, or a single player MOBA, than it is to make a MMORPG that supports a large number of players. So, as we close in on the few MMOs that have been Kickstarted (and that backers will actually get to play) it’s worth looking at what games we really do still want.

When it comes to new-fangled MMOs, there are a few that you just know aren’t ever going to make it. I mean, we all know about the failed Kickstarters already, and there’s no point in keeping up with them. I mean, if you go back in time, even ten years, to the days of Everquest and Ultima Online, you get this sense from those games that people just couldn’t handle the hard core grind of these games, and most people quit. As it turns out, a whole bunch of those games still exist, they’re just in a dormant state, waiting for the inevitable rebirth in a Kickstarter, or some other funding, before it can get off the ground. And so

For those of you who are not quite yet MMO-savvy, Kickstarter is a platform that enlists the support of the gaming community to bring a new video game idea to life. The concept is not new—you may have heard of the classic game “Operation Rainfall”—but Kickstarter is a method of raising all the money you need. As of last weekend, over $2.2 million in support was given to a variety of games.. Read more about mmorpg meaning and let us know what you think.


I had a great conversation with MOP reader Brandon not long after Crowfall opened, and he stated that one of his friends was an early supporter of the game but had quit and passed along his account contents to him. The discussion mirrored something I stated on our podcast: individuals should be able to alter their views about MMOs. It must be normalized!

When Crowfall first debuted on Kickstarter in 2015, the genre was unique, the games available were unique, the games on the way were unique, and we were all unique. Crowfall is, in fact, a far cry from the game that was initially proposed. But, even if the game releases precisely as planned, I don’t believe it’s unfair to have changed your mind, to have desired something in 2015 but not in 2021. Six years is a significant amount of time. When Crowfall went to Kickstarter, I had a newborn; now that infant is old enough to play games with me.

Of course, this implies that you may alter your opinion again in the future.

Which Kickstarter MMOs do you intend to play once they’re released?

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