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In a world dominated by technology, it’s refreshing to find a game like Fabled Woods. Fabled Woods tells a story of a boy who must flee from a group of bandits in order to survive. The game is a very short narrative experience; it doesn’t tell you how to play, just that you need to walk around the world and survive. While the narrative is a bit uninteresting, the gameplay is very well done and the atmosphere is fantastic.

The Fabled Woods is a game that I have been working on for around 3 years now, and  it’s even been in development for longer than that. It is a pretty unique game, as it is not only a walking simulator, but also a game with a story.

Hiking simulation games have taken off in recent years, a genre that’s hard to beat and creates a real buzz of excitement. I was a little confused by the legendary forest. The graphics of the game are beautiful, and the soundtrack of the surrounding forest is also exceptional, but as I walked through the forest exploring it, I found the pace of the game to slow down a bit at times.   word-image-1914

Forest of myths, mixed classification

To put it bluntly: If you are looking for an exciting action game, this might not be the game for you. At the time of writing, the game has a mixed rating on Steam, but in this case I think I disagree with the general consensus. First: When reviewing reviews, it is common knowledge that people are much more likely to leave bad reviews than good ones. If you feel the game isn’t worth the money spent, you want the development team to know that, but unfortunately few will say they liked the game. I said above that it baffled me, but that’s because I loved the graphics, they were great, easy to explore and look at the obvious work of love on the forest design.   word-image-1915 I was a little bored at times, but still, the more the story developed, the more interested I became and wanted to know what would happen next. The only graphical issue I encountered was that the game didn’t support my 3440×1440 monitor, but after contacting the developer, who by the way was very polite and quick to respond, he told me it was a bug related to the Unreal Engine that he wanted to fix as soon as possible.

History of the Fairytale Forest

As we trek through the woods, we begin to learn more about the main character, and he tells us how he does it. The interesting thing about the game is the possibility of seeing the forest as a part of the memories, looking at the same objects but with traces of the past highlighted, allowing us to gradually reconstruct what happened in the fairy tale forest.   word-image-1916 The Fabled Woods only lasts an hour or two depending on how fast you play it, but honestly for its low price and interesting story it’s worth playing. Once you finish the game, you probably won’t go back because you’ve already unlocked everything, so there’s not much replayability.

Summary of the forest of fables

This game is kind of a pot: You will like it or not. Personally, I really enjoyed my short stay at The Fabled Woods, although a little too short for my taste. Although I was bored a few times, it was only my curiosity that distracted me from the main objectives of the game, in which I got a little lost. The developer is clearly trying to work with the community to resolve all of the game’s issues, which recently even included lowering the game’s price to $9.99, which I think is a solid price for a short but interesting game like this. If you’re looking for something new and prefer story over action, use the widget below to get a copy of the game from the Steam store and try it out today.   word-image-1917 The forest of fairy tales Game name: The forest of fairy tales Game description: Explore the breathtaking nature of the Fabled Woods and learn about the dark and sinister history unfolding around you. Explore the breathtaking nature of the Fabled Woods and learn about the dark and sinister history unfolding around you. Reviews of Unboxed

  • Beautiful design
  • Compelling sound
Bad (and ugly)
  • It’s too short.
  • lack of textbooks

6.1 3.0375 5 Review of Unboxed Reviews

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