The Important Features Of Modern Online Games

Web3 and blockchain technology moved into the core of modern online games, and gaming never remained the same. Game developers who slack at this time would soon find themselves playing catch up. 

Planet IX game developers have proven to be conscious of the trend as they have gone on to implement significant aspects of modern online gaming and even more into their games. 

What are the Essential Features to look out for in Modern Online Games?

  • Web3

The presence of the Web3 concept pinnacles the list of essential features to look out for because of the nascent but innovative changes it brings to the gaming industry. 

So, what is Web3?

Web3 refers to decentralized apps known as DAAPs that run on blockchain technology platforms like Ethereum or Polygon. It is also known as a potential iteration of the internet we know today. 

The catch about Web3 is that it is decentralized, thanks to the blockchain technology it operates on. 

Talks of the metaverse, another intriguing concept that’s got several digital world enthusiasts mapping out plans, including the owner of Facebook. 

Before the birth of Web3 in modern online games, Web2 gained momentum for so long, and it introduced the majority of online games that many are acquainted with today. 

However, the presence of Web3 in gaming brings about so many unexplored areas that go beyond one’s imagination. Web3 in gaming results in a more involved gaming community like Planet IX, where players benefit from enjoying a thrilling experience. 

Unlike Web2 games, modern online games like Planet IX provide user-generated content. It implies that users can also contribute significantly to the game’s development and win incentives or rewards. 

Presence Of NFT Assets

Cryptocurrency and NFTs Technology have become the talk of the day in crypto news recently. With its recent debut in markets like Opensea, where they sell digital artworks for an incredible price, NFTs have become a good feat in the crypto field. 

In previous online games, users won points or even digital works that had no real value or worth in reality. But with NFTs taking on a new meaning, points or NFTs won by game users have become worthy and of real crypto value. 

If your designated choice of modern online game has NFTs to be earned, then you’re in for incredible luck. In Planet IX, game users gain NFTs after completing a challenge and can even sell or purchase NFTs with Cryptocurrency. 

Such NFTs include a claimed land amidst the entire Planet. Claimed lands are called PIX in Planet IX, and they are the nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Other NFTs in Planet IX could be Landmarks. Landmarks are cultural or traditional artifacts or relics acquired by a game user while playing the game. 

It is an impressive feat that a game user could own a unique, one in the whole world NFT that possesses a unique identification system. 

Planet IX tokenomics include an NFT Stakeholders Schedule. According to Planet IX’s white paper, possessing the stakes of a Landmark NFT is exceptionally beneficial. 

Planet IX developers also provided for a Control Region situated around the Landmark NFT for stakeholders of Landmark NFTs. The fun part is that when other game users or crypto enthusiasts trade PIX close to the Control Region, every commission gotten goes to such Landmark NFTs stakeholders. 

Play To Earn Feature

Previous online games were usually created to generate high benefits and financial rewards for the game creators. But with the play-to-earn features added in modern online games, both game creators and game users will be able to gain financial rewards in the form of crypto. 

Planet IX implements the play-to-earn feature and considers it a very significant and core part of the game. 

Blockchain Technology

Modern online games make use of blockchain technology, and there are several blockchain platforms for these games. 

These blockchain platforms do the technical work that ensures that crypto transactions run smoothly and faster for users while playing the game. 

For Planet IX, it runs on Ethereum vis a vis Polygon network. As gamers enjoy their favorite [Planet IX], the crypto transactions like buying or selling NFTs assets to other users will be recorded, stored, and distributed at high speed without impeding the flow of the game. 

 Also, gas fees are much cheaper on the Polygon network. It enables game users to run their transactions without spending so much funds on gas fees. 

The features mentioned above are crucial points to choosing the most adventurous, engaging, and beneficial modern online game to play. 

Evolution Land or Planet IX?

A similar online game to Planet IX is Evolution Land. Evolution Land is a virtual simulation game that allows cross-chain interactions. 

According to Evolution Land’s white paper, gamers will play the digital game on 26 different continents, and each continent will be displayed and operated on a separate blockchain. For instance, the Atlantis Continent is built on Ethereum, while the Byzantine is on Tron. 

Unlike Evolution Land, Planet IX provides a much wider space and setting for gamers to explore. Rather than play on a limited number of continents, game users possess the freedom to explore a whole colossal planet. 

They designed the governance basics like trade rate to be set by players. It implies that game users will be a central part of the game development. 

Like Planet IX, they designed game users to fix trade prices after diligent and strategic tactics. According to the geographic setting of Evolution Land’s white paper, it provides that the setting extends to land, seas, air, and other landforms on earth, unlike Planet IX, which is on Landforms alone. 

However, unlike Planet IX, Evolution Land centers on users roleplaying occupation of limited roles, all of which may not match the interest of some game users. Planet IX led the way in this.

Planet IX provides a wide range of jobs in society for the user to choose from. This alone is an attribute that would fill the heart of lots of gamers with joy as the choice is completely theirs to make. In fact, gamers can choose to change their roles every now and then as they please. This makes Planet IX a game every gamer out there has to try out and relish!


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