These celebs can’t resist a classic game of Bingo, can you?

When you think of Bingo, you might not naturally associate the game with glitz, glamour, and showbiz, but it turns out that the humble game is enjoyed by many famous faces, even including some A-listers.

But, of course, it can be tricky for celebrities to get out and enjoy their favorite past-times without being spotted by adoring fans or hounded by paparazzi. Still, on online sites that support Bingo, the online game everyone loves, this classic can be enjoyed from the comfort of their own homes, out of the public eye. 

It makes you think – how many of your favorite celebs are playing Bingo right now, as we speak? Whilst we can’t give you an answer to that question, we can offer an insight into the famous faces who have been known to enjoy the popular game. Read on to find out more. 

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams might be asking for permission to entertain us, and it turns out that he gets his own fix of entertainment from playing Bingo. The former Take That member-turned solo artist has had many top hits over the years, but this hasn’t led him astray from his love for Bingo. Williams has been reported to enjoy a game or two of online Bingo in his downtime, specifically online tournaments, so there’s no telling whether you’ve had a dauber duel with this star in the past. 

Of course, being a successful music artist, Williams hardly needs to play online Bingo for those cash prizes, so he donates any winnings that he makes to charity. Suppose you’re a Robbie Williams fan and consider yourself to be particularly observant. In that case, you may have noticed that the musician’s music video for ‘Feel’ was in fact shot outside of a Bingo Hall. So, it’s safe to say that he’s not at all shy about his love for Bingo.  

Cristiano Ronaldo

It turns out that this sports star doesn’t just show off his ball skills on the football pitch. He’s also partial to a good old-fashioned game of Bingo. The Portuguese footballer first started playing Bingo to help him learn English. But, Ronaldo quickly became hooked on the game and wanted to play for real. And, it turns out that he’s now a regular player of the game and has even ventured to Italy, where it is believed the game originated, to play the game as it was intended, in some of the most historical venues. 

Katie Price

You’ll be happy to hear that the famous female stars aren’t letting the men have all the fun playing Bingo since the reality star-turned-author and businesswoman, Katie Price, is a massive fan of the game. It’s believed that Price’s preferred way to play is on online casino sites, where she can wind down and tuck into some of the exciting games on offer in the comfort of her own home. However, she’s also not opposed to attending the land-based casino and has been frequently spotted whipping out her dauber and getting down to some Bingo action at her local Bingo Hall. 

Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy Edwards
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