Tower of Fantasy is a new MMO from Perfect World Entertainment with a sci-fi bent

Tower of Fantasy is the latest online fantasy adventure game from Perfect World Entertainment and is set in a science-fiction universe that blends together futuristic technology and fantasy locations. The game will combine elements of MMORPG and Action RPG with a strong emphasis on character customization and progression.

The chance to see planets and stars in full 360-degrees is as awe-inspiring as it is a little intimidating. Tower of Fantasy gives players that same experience, but from a more… conventional point of view. The game is set on a remote planet, and players can find themselves in the middle of forests, cities, and oceans, all while gazing upon the stars above.

For fans of sci-fi and MMOs, it’s time for a new game. Tower of Fantasy is a new MMO from Perfect World Entertainment with a sci-fi bent. If you’re not familiar with Perfect World Entertainment (PWE), it is the company behind the hugely successful Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines.

Here we go again.

Tower of Fantasy is a fantastic title for a game that seems to be more science fiction than fantasy in nature. Let’s get this out of the way right away: the game is released by Perfect World Entertainment, it’s a Chinese game, and it’s supposedly available on both mobile and PC. For those who aren’t instantly turned off, this seems promising, evoking memories of a successful game with a similarly divided release, but this time as a full-fledged MMORPG.

If you’ve forgotten, we’ve already discussed it briefly. (It’s perfectly OK if you have.)

Obtaining information on the game is tough, to say the least, and given that the game has just been formally announced for a Chinese release, there is still a lot of unknowns. Having said that, there are game trailers as well as early beta gameplay and character customisation. There’s a lot of conjecture that the game will be released globally in 2022; the game’s second closed beta ended in April in China, so it’s not unrealistic to expect a full release there before the end of the year. This game is definitely worth keeping your eyes out for if you like science fiction settings, anime visuals, and cliff-diving.


Tower of Fantasy is a new sci-fi MMORPG developed by Perfect World Entertainment. It is set in a future world on Earth, where a group of players — called the Defense Force — are called upon to protect the planet from a mysterious plot. The game features beautiful sci-fi visuals, fun character customization, and a unique combat system that allows players to use an array of futuristic weapons to take down enemies.. Read more about tower of fantasy mmorpg release date and let us know what you think.

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