VALORANT | Beginner’s Guide: How To Play & Tips To Get Better

The first thing you really need to know is that this is a really complicated, very hard to learn game. Because of that, I’m going to try my best to break down everything you’ll need to know to play the game in simple terms. So, there’s a lot to learn before you can even play, but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible for you to understand.

Every gamer has a story to tell. Whether it be a really epic story of how you mastered a game, or a really embarrassing story of how you spent way too much money on in-game currency, games now have a place to tell it. That place is VALORANT . Want to share your story with the world? This guide will help you get started.

VALORANT is a free-to-play game in the MOBA genre, where players attempt to control a powerful android robot and destroy their opponents in battle.  VALORANT is a free-to-play game in the MOBA genre, where players attempt to control a powerful android robot and destroy their opponents in battle.


VALORANT is more than just a game. It’s Cybersport. And like any sport, you have to actively participate to develop and succeed. It takes strategy, practice and a thorough understanding of game mechanics to reach the top in a ranked game. Join us for the High Ground Gaming VALORANT beginner’s guide starting right after the break.

Basic principles mouse and keyboard

In this section, we will first cover the basics of moving and aiming, and then discuss the placement of the reticle in more detail.

Move, move, move!

To begin our beginner’s guide VALORANT , let’s cover the basics of movement and aiming.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

You know WASD gets you where you need to go, but let’s dig a little deeper. When and how you move is just as important as the mechanical aspects of getting from point A to point B. Take the time to watch the professionals perform – every move they make is fluid and thoughtful, with a certain grace that cannot be denied. They never move for the sake of moving.

Every action has a purpose, whether it’s approaching an object, taking cover or maintaining speed on the map. As any experienced player knows, holding down the W key is a surefire way to lose a fight quickly and often. Stay on your feet and move from side to side, even if you are in an open space.

Have you ever heard of cake cutting? This is a technique used by militaries around the world and, believe it or not, it makes a big difference if you want to win a fight, even in the virtual arena. Whoever is furthest from the corner is the first to discover his opponent. And if you cut the cake from your cover the right way, you get the extra advantage you need to block the explosion point on your own, turning the 1v3 into three 1v1s.

Don’t limit yourself to pointing and clicking – reticle placement

Practice is only half the battle. To be successful in targeting, you need to make sure you have the right configuration for the job. Determine how you primarily aim, with your wrist or hand, and adjust your setup accordingly. Shooters generally prefer lower DPI settings on the mouse, lower sensitivity, and larger mats with more table space. High DPI, high sensitivity and small mouse pads are the hallmarks of wrist gamers. But rest assured, there is no right or wrong way to aim. It all depends on your personal preferences and playing style. You’ll probably mix the two components a bit anyway.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

While aiming may be an all-embracing concept, the placement of crosshairs is a discipline in itself within this field. It’s all about minimizing the time and mouse movements required to hit your opponent.

As with motion, observing professionals is a good way to get an idea of what proper reticle placement looks like. You want to keep the sights exactly where the enemy is likely to appear, not somewhere on the ground in front of you or in the air. And whatever you do, you should always keep your sights on the head.

Pay attention to your own reaction time: it is better to keep the cursor slightly off the curve than to drive on the edge. Again, the idea is to minimize mouse movement before the first shot is fired. So set your pattern, make as few changes as possible to preserve muscle memoryand start training.

Make the hero’s edge

Usability is a common theme for all competitive shooters. In more traditional, real-world shooting games, the tool is smoke grenades and flares. But in VALORANT, there are no limits to the agents’ magical abilities.

Like Overwatch, VALORANT is all about maximizing the effectiveness of your normal skills until you can recharge your game-changing Ultimate. For the commons, you buy loads the same way you buy grenades in Counter-Strike. Unlike Overwatch, most skills have been reduced to a utilitarian role, with eyesight and tactical instincts taking precedence in shootouts.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

What are the best agents in VALORANT for beginners? It depends on the circumstances.

Some agents have attack options, such as. B. Reina’s food, which eats the bullets of fallen enemy souls to gain health. Others are based on movement, like Jett’s updraft, which allows him to jump through the air and escape at lightning speed. There’s also a good selection of useful skills, such as Brimstone Smoke (smoke grenades) and Breach Lightning (lightning that pierces walls), which have functional analogues in classic competitive shooters.

Our recommendation for non-real estate owners viewing this beginner’s guide is VALUE ? Take the time to try all the remedies. You’ll never know which combination of skills works best for you until you put them into practice. It also never hurts to know a few flexible agents in case your main line fails.

Econ 101

Money makes the world go round. Like Counter-Strike before it, VALORANT relies heavily on the economic metagame to develop or prune its decision tree before the start of a round. The competitions are essentially divided into several types: Pistol, rifle and ambient shooting.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

The first round of each half is a pistol round. But that doesn’t mean you lack solutions, nor does it mean you lack money. If you choose to save your meager finances for one or two rounds, you can secure the full purchase and all the armor/equipment you need for your first round of shooting. But if you buy light armor or regular energy charges, you can finish the round winning with a reward for your death. How you address this issue will depend on your style of play and your team, so be sure to discuss this with them.

Any main round where both teams have a stack of money is a shotgun round. These are events where most (if not all) members of each team will use a rifle, as well as armor and tools. Firearms are the alpha and omega of VALORANT matches and the best VALORANT weapons for beginners. Want to save money for the next round? Consider simple purchases or the use of tools to support your team. Are you sure about your vandalism? Now it’s time to arm yourself and head to the front lines to earn your reward.

In this beginner’s guide VALORANT , it is important to know that when one team is on the heels of another, the losing team is in a crushing situation. In this case, the dominant team keeps its weapons and tools in play, while the outsider has to reckon with SMGs – or worse, only pistols – and almost no armor/resources. It’s the rounds that can make or break a match. Forcing a win against shooters when your team is simply outclassed can be a thrilling experience – an essential part of your ability to play smarter, not harder.

Teams win and lose, no players

When learning to play VALUE for beginners, remember one basic truth: Teams win and lose, not individual players.

Everyone has good days and bad days. First, it’s important to win the mind game about whether to bow or not. Your emotions will greatly affect your individual results, and if you disappear off the face of the earth, you may take your teammates with you. You haven’t lost yet as long as there are still rooks on the board. Be prepared to remind your teammates of this simple truth as well.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

Communication is the key to success. Communicate with your team – explain opposing viewpoints, coordinate the use of resources and work as a team. You win or lose together, remember that. You can change your position on defense or your role on offense. Today may not be your boarding day, but xXSN1PERW0LFXx may be about to experience the most important boarding day of his career VALUE . Be willing to give them the space they need to be at their best.

To be fair, competitive cybersport requires a lot of interpersonal tact and introspection. This is an excellent opportunity to develop these skills, as long as you do it consciously. Be the linchpin that holds the team together, even in rough seas. You can rejoice in every victory because you helped keep your team’s morale high and everyone’s energy up.

Maps – Where are you exactly?

When learning VALORANT for beginners, it is helpful to know the battlefield. VALORANT has six cards at the time of writing, all of which follow a basic three-strip formula with variations on the theme.  Instead of analyzing each card individually, we’ll talk about how best to study them and think strategically with the elements at your disposal.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

Three-lane maps are often found in competitive shooting games, especially those with two (or more) attack and defense options, with side lanes and a central lane to connect with both sides. You may have heard the terms A short and A long in Counter-Strike – the A long usually refers to a longer side lane but one that leads directly to position A, while the A short is a more direct but highly contested route from the middle lane to position A. Understanding the dynamics of three-way traffic and the short and long access routes to each location will allow you to quickly break down each map into maps for landmarks and strategies.

Additionally, each map will have a few unique obstacles and maybe some verticality. After all, sharpshooters love their bass, don’t they? On maps like Split, you see the strings of Short A and Short B become gardens of destruction and unnecessary use of skills. So instead of naming the short, you can also name the strings.

Specific guidelines such as these will depend on the practical experience of each card. And in case of doubt, you can call up the full map with the official labels using the special button, as indicated in the settings. Take the time to research them after you buy weapons and equipment. Locate the three tracks and note any special markings.

When to compress and when to save

So you’ve learned all the basics with this VALORANT Beginner’s Guide. It’s time to talk about closing the towers. Everyone wants to be at the top of the scoreboard, but sometimes that’s just not possible. How do you make those important decisions at the crucial moment?

Answer: very careful.

The result is the result of many factors. What about the profitability of your team? Can you afford to buy more? Is this a particularly important round? And how many of you are still here? Turning around to run away and save your gear might be the smartest tactical option, but if you’re in a 1-on-3 fight and have a gun against opponents with an SMG, it might be time to roll the dice.

Image : Riot Games on HGG / Mitch Gentry

In addition to hooks or saves, asking for a tap can often overwhelm the opponent. It’s one thing for your team to crawl along the B line to the factory, but it’s quite another to simulate an A-bomb shelter with any utility. But if you sincerely insist on B, but are faced with a stubborn defense, sometimes the obvious answer is the best.

Don’t be afraid to change it up and try to rotate from the middle to the A. Or maybe even all the way to the respawn point. Remember, the longer it takes for the guns to go silent, the more likely it is that the other team will notice your charade, but this is better than starting a fight you probably won’t win. Strike with surgical precision and attack weak points as quickly as possible. With this beginner’s guide to parting, you’ll be beaming in no time!



We hope this Beginner’s Guide VALORANT will help you get the most out of it. If you liked these words and want to read more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to express them in the comments section below. I’ll see you in the next manual.

VALORANT is a free browser-based multi-player strategy game that pits you and your squad against millions of other gamers in a combat simulation. It is a great idea for a game, but the gameplay is not perfect and the user interface is hard to master for beginners. This is why we have decided to write this guide so that you can figure out how to play and win.. Read more about valorant tips for beginners reddit and let us know what you think.

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To play Valorant for the first time, you must press the L button on your controller.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you play Valorant as a new player?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Valorant is a game that can be played by new players, but it takes some time to learn. You will need to know the basics of how to play before you can really start playing.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:””,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Valorant for the first time?

To play Valorant for the first time, you must press the L button on your controller.

How do you play Valorant as a new player?

Valorant is a game that can be played by new players, but it takes some time to learn. You will need to know the basics of how to play before you can really start playing.

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