What genres are exist in mobile game development?

There are game kinds that really aren’t meant for mobile. For instance, first-person shooters, in which everything depends on power – no one will dispute that all the virtual switches and joysticks required for a shooter are hard to settle on a not too big touchscreen.

At the same time, there are other cases – games that seem pretty easy on mobile devices. The genres that are conveniently located on touchscreens can make a whole list, which we will do in this article. So, here are seven game genres, which you can observe in mobile game development services by Whimsy Games.

Endless runners

The huge number of endless runners on iOS and Android can only be explained by the fact that this genre works great on touchscreens, and this is beyond any doubt. Temple run 2 is definitely considered the favorite of the runner genre, which invites gamers to feel like a real Indiana Jones.

The gameplay is based on the player’s competition with himself in the hope of setting another record and moving up the leaderboard. Here you will find many unlockable items and various achievements, and it all looks exciting together.

Tap games

Games in which control is carried out with just one tap on the screen feel at home on mobile platforms. Moreover, this type of control is typical for a variety of genres.

Examples of such games are Tiny Wings or the famous Flappy Bird – their gameplay is wholly based on a single tap with which you will control your character. It sounds simple, but, often, these games are not as simple as they might seem at first glance.


Racers have also taken their own niche on mobile platforms, although this genre has a wide range of games on almost any platform – from consoles to PCs, from smartphones to tablets.

The most striking example of a classic racer can be considered Asphalt 8, a game in which you will discover both speed and impressive special effects, and of course, very well implemented controls.

Match-3 RPG

Mixing match-3 and RPG kinds in one sign occurred to the mind of the Japanese, as a consequence of which their Puzzle & Dragons has become one of the most profitable games in the world of mobile gaming. Its audience is constantly growing, and in Asia, this development has no serious competitors – it is so popular.

Match-3 puzzles have taken on new traits thanks to the elements of turn-based combat and the presence of characters that need to be developed, as is usually done in role-playing games. However, on touchscreens, this type of gameplay looks absolutely natural, and the control of the gameplay is intuitive and clear.

Adventure games

Adventure games have been undeservedly forgotten for some period, and recently they are experiencing a rebirth on devices with touchscreens. Most of these games have point-and-click gameplay that is ideal for touch screens.

Any action here is done with a simple tap, and this is perhaps the best type of gameplay you can do without a mouse and keyboard. Broken Sword is an example of such a game.


Perhaps the style of gamebook games is not so popular with us due to the requirement to read a great number of descriptions in English. Although by itself, this genre seems essentially on mobile platforms and is pretty popular in the West.

Gamebooks are based on books, fairy tales, including legends and have a deep storyline. One of the best games in this genre is 80 days, based on the famous novel by Jules Verne.

Reflex games

In terms of genre, like Super Hexagon are reminiscent of endless runners, but this is not an accurate definition. Your reflexes are very important in them, and the faster you think and act, the better the result will be. These plays are fun but incredibly difficult to play, they will be your test of reaction speed including a way to train it.

Social RTS

Clash of Clans is the brightest and most successful representative of the RTS genre. Many social elements distinguish modern improvements in this genre; they delight with colorful characters and convenient controls that look equally good on PC and mobile devices.

A couple more popular genres of mobile games

In addition to those as mentioned above most popular genres, it is also worth mentioning:

  • Sims. These simulators build their virtual world. At first, there was only Sim City, but the genre gained immense popularity thanks to the various Farms, which appeared 10 years ago and migrated to smartphones at the first opportunity.
  • Fights. Classics in the style of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter do not lose ground. This genre of games has moved to mobile devices and can be enjoyed by the oldfags who played them from the very beginning and by new generations of gamers.
  • Casino. The mobile phone gaming industry is growing and the popularity of online casinos is growing simultaneously. Slots, blackjack, roulette, poker.

The additional information you can find in-game development services by Whimsy. 

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