Where in Europe Is It Worth Mooring with Your Yacht?

When the yachting season arrives in Europe, many people take full advantage of it. If you have tried exploring Europe in a boat or would like to do it again, you should know where to moor and dock.

Boat riding can be as enjoyable as playing slots at kasyno polskie. You can have endless fun as you hop from one sea to the other. Europe boasts the Atlantic Ocean and nine seas. Moreover, Europe offers more than 900 seaports. What this means to you is that you can get a worthwhile place to anchor your Yacht. You should try the following yacht ports in Europe when you start sailing. 

1. Port Vauban in Antibes

This is one of the biggest and earliest yacht ports on the continent. There are up to 1642 berths, and 250 of these are reserved for tourists. The size of the boat is not a problem as this port can host a 170m long yacht. Port Vauban has a fascinating coastal village lying between Monaco and Saint Tropez. There is an untamed beach where you can sunbathe lazily and later visit the lovely Eilenroc Gardens, Thuret Park, and/or Explora Park.

2. Port Hercule in Monaco

The whole world associates Monaco with the Monaco Grand Prix, an event that is held in May. It also captures the world’s attention with several other big events, explaining why you should moor your Yacht at Port Hercule. As the port occupies 160,000 square meters, its berth can accommodate at least 700 boats of around 135m long. Not only does Monaco offer your memorable nightlife but also the perfect scenery of steep hills. 

3. Marina di Porto Cervo in Sardinia

This is among the classiest and most expensive marinas. It is situated on the northern edge of Sardinia, Costa Smeralda. Therefore, you need to come prepared to spend heavily in June and September when they hold the Deluxe Fair and Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup Regatta, respectively. It is not an extensive harbour when compared to the options above. Its marina has space for sixty yachts with a length of 100 meters. Despite this, Marina di Porto Cervo is an exceptionally equipped harbour and offers plenty of coastal activities for tourists. Here you will rub shoulders with the rich and famous people from all over the world. 

4. Port Andriano in Mallorca

This harbour was made by Phillipe Starck and is near Palma de Mallorca. It has 488 berths that can receive boats with a length of 6m to 80m. One of the things that might grab your interest is the natural beauty of the mirena and its environs. During your trip, ensure that you visit the North Coast of Mallorca, a UNESCO site, as well as the wonderful city of Palma de Mallorca. More than one thousand animal species and rare bird varieties are major tourist attractions in this area. Other notable aspects of the Mallorca coast include El Toro and Malgrats Islands. 

5. OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona

Another place you can moor your boat in is the OneOcean Port Vell, which is in Barcelona. It is among the oldest ports built in 1992 and was inspired by the Olympics Games. It has recently been upgraded and now boasts an expansive berth that can host boats of 190m LOA. The luxury harbour has a 150 yachts’ berth. Once you arrive, you will see a huge glass gallery accommodating a classy port’s lobby, a crew lounge, a gym, and a wellness centre, among other amenities. 

In addition to the above European ports, you can anchor your boat at other classy marinas too. Some of these include Porto Montenegro, Puerto Banus, Marbella, and ACI Marina Dubrovnik, among others. It is now upon you to start touring Europe’s best docks for yachts.

Renee R. Scully
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