Where To Start Blood Money DLC In Red Dead Online

In Red Dead Online, there is a new type of currency called Blood money. It’s used for buying weapons and new outfits. It’s basically divided into two; cloth money, and metal money. The later is used for the better things, such as clothes, saddles, and weapons. The cloth money is used for, well, buying cloth. It can be used for a variety of different things, such as, hats, and shirts.

Red Dead Online is the newest game in the Red Dead series. It’s a multiplayer game for all platforms that allows you to play as a gang member. The addition of the “blood money” DLC gives you the ability to buy new weapons, outfits, and many different items, which you can save up gold for. However, a lot of the money spent is not permanent, and will be lost as the game progresses. So how do you make sure the money you spend is worth it?

The free Blood Money DLC for Red Dead Online is already available and active, but how do you start it? In this Where to Start Blood Money DLC in Red Dead Online guide, you’ll learn how to unlock and start the DLC to explore new content, earn currency, and get a slew of new rewards.

Blood Money DLC is a brand new content update for Red Dead Online that can be downloaded and played for free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and also PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility. After downloading the update, you can immediately log into Red Dead Online and find Guido Martelli, the character you need to meet in Saint Denis to start the Blood Money DLC game.

Where to start the Blood Money DLC in Red Dead Online

After you’ve installed everything, download Red Dead Online and switch to Free Roam mode. Other modes work too, but this one will do. Once in Free Roam, look for Guido Martelli, a figure standing in the garden of Saint Denis. Saint-Denis is a large city in the eastern part of the map. Check your card and you will see a money symbol in the form of a small teardrop. This is Guido Martelli’s location. Go to this location and talk to Guido to start the Blood Money DLC in Red Dead Online.

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the Blood Money DLC for Red Dead Online.
  • After installation, start Red Dead Online and select the Free Roam mode.
  • Open the map freely and look for Saint-Denis on the east side of the map.
  • Find the money icon at the location on the map above and start the Blood Money DLC Walkthrough.

Here’s how to start the game in the Bloody Money DLC.

The free Blood Money DLC for Red Dead Online is already available and active, but how do you start it? In this guide, titled Where to Get Started with the Blood Money DLC in Red Dead Online, you’ll find out how to unlock and start the DLC.

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