Windows 11 runs better & faster on old or low-spec devices

When Windows 10 was released, most of us expected the new OS to be smooth and stable. We should have known better, however. Some of the new features for Windows 10 require a fairly new computer, but it turned out that most users had older PCs, and the new features weren’t working as expected.

Windows 10 was a massive and mostly-positive change for Windows, with its new user interface, Cortana, and the start menu, among other things. So, it was only natural that Windows 11 would be a massive change, too. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Windows 11 was widely seen as a disappointment, with critics lambasting the new layout and, in some cases, the inability to upgrade from Windows 10.

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  • Since its release, users have been trying to evaluate the new Windows 11.
  • There have been few complaints about the appearance of the recently released operating system.
  • Windows 11 even brought a transitional version of the popular dark mode.
  • Users claim that this operating system works better than Windows 10, even on older or outdated devices.

There are endless discussions and millions and millions of threads about Windows 11, everyone wants to express their opinion about this operating system. While some are intrigued and enjoying this primitive version of Windows 11, others grumble and say it’s just Windows 10 with a new shell that is nothing new. It should also not be forgotten that the current version of the new operating system is still far from complete, and its limitations do not allow you to really discover it.

Windows 11 seems to work better than its predecessor

This is more than normal news, considering that a company as large and tech-savvy as Microsoft wouldn’t just invest in visual updates for such an important operating system. So the fact that Windows 11 is actually better than the previous OS shouldn’t surprise us. We can all agree that this was the main goal of the Microsoft developers when they designed the future. Users who got their hands on an early version of Windows 11 can already feel the difference in performance of this operating system compared to its predecessor. Some have even tried installing this operating system on fairly old devices, with better results than they initially expected: The system works as well as it ever did. As you can imagine, they were very excited to share this information with users around the world via social media platforms like Reddit. I created a clean Win10 virtual machine and a clean Win11 virtual machine, as well as a half-destroyed Win10 image, and then upgraded to Win 11, which seems to be faster and more resource efficient than Windows 10. Not comparable to a clean Linux installation, but still much better than before.

It is too early to talk about Windows 11

It’s been a few days since this version of Windows 11 was released or leaked online, and while everyone has their own opinion, the truth is that it’s too early to judge the new operating system. As we wrote in the previous article, this version of the operating system is very limited and shows only part of the features that will be available in the full version. To get an idea of how many things are missing from the first version of Windows 11, you should know that even the most important built-in apps, like the Microsoft Store, are not included. In addition, users who want to test the new experience must be able to sign in with a Microsoft account, otherwise they will be asked to sign out. In fact, Microsoft already urges users to do this, and the only alternative to using a Microsoft account is to not connect to the Internet. Time will tell, and only when the tech giant decides to release a more complete version of Windows 11 will we be able to appreciate the new OS. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussion

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