World of Warships introduces a mode with super battleships for PC, adds new American battleships to console

World of Warships is making a bold move into the competitive gaming scene, introducing a new mode in the main game, and two new ships for the franchise’s ever-growing line of free-to-play releases. While the game still revolves around realistic battles of the World War II era, the addition of an “Objects of War” mode gives players an opportunity to use some of the game’s most powerful vessels. The first, the Yamato, has an immense hull size and firepower, while the other, the Midway, can rotate 360 degrees to fire in every direction.

Warships fans rejoice! The long-awaited super battleship mode for World of Warships is here. This new game mode is a truly epic encounter between two powerful capital ships. The result is a unique and exhilarating hybrid of real-time action and strategy.

World of Warships is an MMO naval combat game, based on the popular World of Warships MMORPG. It is developed by Wargaming, known for its wargame titles like World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, Blitzkrieg, and World of Warships. The game has been one of the best selling games on Steam since early 2016.

What is a game like World of Warships without a bunch of warships? For example, a game with a wrong name. Fortunately for fans of multiplayer naval combat, there won’t be a shortage of ships going to war anytime soon, as both the PC and console versions have received several new updates.

The PC version includes the Great Battle, a new limited 9v9 game mode in which each side takes on level IX-X ships and three superbattleships focused on devastating firepower from weapons batteries. By playing in this game mode, players earn scouting reports, a temporary currency that can be spent to pilot new super battleships in this game mode. The latest update also added German destroyers to the game and updated the July 4 holiday schedule with unique summer battles.

On the console side, we focus on American battleships: The Georgia On My Mind campaign allows players to earn a Level VII Georgia and a fleet of other Level IV to Vi US battleships in early access, among other rewards. It’s not just American firepower, as the update also brings some new German aircraft carriers to the console’s seas.



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ViewWorld of Warships has finally gone free to play to the masses, and has introduced a mode with some of the best battleships ever conceived, called Super Battleships. Super Battleships is a new mode where you fight in a massive fleet battle, with four ships each, and up to 50 players. It’s also the first time that World of Warships has introduced a new American battleship to the console version.. Read more about wows vermont and let us know what you think.

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