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Fast and safe passage of mythic dungeons, transferring loot and obtaining vehicles for movement.

Mythic boost in World of Warcraft – Mythic Dungeons Walkthrough

The third season in World of Warcraft with the release of patch 9.2 will bring some new items and changes to fans of Mythic dungeons. There will be a new seasonal modifier, equipment level will rise to 278, players will be able to get new achievements and rewards. On March 3, the update “The End’s of Eternity” was released on European servers, along with it, all rating points in mythic dungeons were reset. Now players will again have to go through dungeons, earning points and receiving new seasonal rewards.

Seasonal modifier overview

In the new patch, a new “Encrypted” modifier has appeared, which players will have to deal with on high keys, starting from the 10th and higher. It has unique properties that give the dungeon group one of three buffs to choose from, but in order to do this, players will have to defeat a dangerous opponent.

“Encrypted” – Encrypted relics of the Eternals are located near opponents throughout the dungeon. Destroy them to summon an autome and gain its bonuses on kill based on the order of destruction. There are only three types of relics:

● Urh Relic – deals periodic damage to players due to the Energy Barrage ability;

● Wo Relic – Strengthens nearby creatures, increasing their movement speed by 25%;

● Vy Relic – Buffs nearby allies, increasing their speed by 15%.

As soon as the players start the battle with opponents, these relics are also activated. After the destruction of the latter, an additional mini-boss appears on the field. Having coped with it, the whole group of 5 people receives a certain buff, which depends on the destroyed automaton.

Item Levels in Mythic Dungeons

With the release of Patch 9.2, all dungeons will be harder and item levels will increase significantly. The minimum item level starting from the 2nd dungeon key is 236 points, and in the Great Vault it is 252. The maximum reward drops from the 15th key is 262 item level. At the end of the week, if you close at least one 15th key, a random item with level 278 may drop in the Great Vault.

The equipment upgrade system for Valor points will not disappear anywhere. Players will still be able to receive this currency for completing the dungeon and improve items by spending points with the Quartermaster. The system will have 12 upgrade ranks, allowing you to reach a maximum of 272 item levels.

Seasonal Rewards

In the new season, fans of Mythic+ dungeons will have the opportunity to earn three rewards. Two titles for reaching a certain level of rating and transport of movement:

● Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three – reach 1800 rating points in Season 3 Mythic Dungeons and get the title “The Cryptic”;

● Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Three – Earn 2500 rating points by completing dungeons and get the “Wastewarped Deathwalker” mount;

● Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three – Earn more than 3000 rating points in Mythic Dungeons and earn the title “The Cryptic Hero”.

To get some of the achievements, players will have to complete all 20 keys in Mythic Dungeons. It is not possible to do this now, because the characters do not have enough item levels and set bonuses. In the future, the passage of the dungeons will become easier. But already now you can get some achievements simply by using the WoW mythic dungeon carry. A group of four experienced players will take to the party and quickly carry the dungeon, giving all the items to you. Upon reaching the rating, you will also automatically receive ranks and vehicles of movement.


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