WWI Shooters Verdun and Tannenberg Are Free This Weekend

Two World War I WWI soldiers are set to be recreated for Battlefield 1 this weekend, and you can relive the history of WWI or even fight it at the same time. In honor of the release of Battlefield 1, the National WWI Museum in Kansas, USA, is providing free weekend access to the museum and the recreated battlefields!

If you are a WWI shooter, you know what the main battle for Verdun was all about. If you are not, well the following will make you think twice. If you have a love for history and a passion for war and have been a shooter since the early days, Verdun is a must. This area is located in France and it is a place that is free to those who want to experience history.

word-image-9472 M2H and Blackmill Games have announced that the World War I first-person shooter games Verdun and Tannenberg will be released tomorrow, the 17th. June, get a free weekend. The free weekend in Verden and Tannenberg runs until Sunday, June 20, is available on all platforms and marks the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions of both games. word-image-9473 word-image-9474 There are no content restrictions during the free weekend. If you haven’t tried these two World War I shooters yet, now is the time to test their vision of trench warfare and its methodical yet chaotic nature. In addition to free entry for everyone, both games will be 60% off. After several years of free updates, both games include more than 10 nations, from major warring factions like Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and the United States to smaller countries like Romania and Belgium, the publisher explained in an emailed press release. Each team has its own equipment choices. For example, it is very different to play an American soldier or a Russian Cossack than it is to fight as an ANZAC or a Senegalese gunner. Free weekends in Verden and Tannenberg are unfortunately not available in Germany, due to price restrictions. Watch the trailer below. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.


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